NBA 2K15 Will be More Realistic than Last Year with New, Subtle Touches

Released just hours ago by publisher 2K Sports, NBA 2K’s latest footage shows how the game’s immersion will reach even deeper this year as their best-selling NBA title reaches PS4 and Xbox One for the second time.

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Stevefantisy2490d ago

Every year these games get more realistic. Oculus rift soon?

JoeIsMad2490d ago

I don't think that NBA would be good on Oculus Rift. I guess it COULD be, but you'd have to be good at basketball on-court vision for that, and then it just becomes a real-life training camp.

mikeslemonade2490d ago

Madden>2K. True since 2K11.

v6volume2488d ago

Madden 25 > NBA 2k14 Next Gen. 2K overall > any EA Sports title

DonDon2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Here's why I think everyone should play the 2k NBA series:

I never liked sports games except for golf and some tennis games. I play golf and tennis in real life, on Chelsea pier in NYC. But always sucked at basketball and football. I also found it boring to watch on TV too.

But with that said:

I LOVE NBA 2K because it isn't just another pro basketball game. This game is an amazing strategy game with remarkable "action" (no killing of course, but it is amazing how you can use the right analog stick to perform a miriad of moves that need precision and perfect timing to be good at). I got NBA 2K14 free on PS Plus, somewhat upset that they gave us a "stupid" sports game when most gamers don't play sports games. But I went into training mode after getting past the cumbersome email signup sequence and was absolutely FLOORED by the level of depth and control one has over the game's animated character and team. I spent 6 hours straight re-repeating the mode on my first day and than tried playing the cpu. I still got crushed terribly but saw the amazing potential. Now I watch nba2k14 tips on youtube and watch real basketball tutorials online to learn how basketball works from a pro level. It truly is an amazingly deep team sport if one is capable of pulling off such moves. The right analog stick actually requires you to pull off the moves exactly how it is done in reality, with precision timing and combos.

Even if you hate sports games (like me), giive the practice mode a try if you had PS Plus and downloaded it when it was free. You might be surprised. You may find an action/strategy game that'll have you using teamwork online, counting animation frames and stringing animations/dribbling combos like a fighting game. Truly this is no mere sports game.

It is an action/strategy game that borrows concepts from fighting games (via animation combinations that you must string through lots of practice--like in real basketball).

I love it. Since i'm new, I hope 2k15 won't change too much in that sequel. I love it as is. Just tighten up any loose ends and i'm cool. I could care less about the actual NBA character roster. I don't know any of them since I never followed NBA before anyway.

Should I get 2k15 or stick with 2k14 since i'm still noobish? Does everyone move onto the next iterration immediately, thus emptying the once vibrant online lobbies of the previous years version? If so, it will be the first time I ever pre-order a sports game. I will never complain about another free ps plus game. Ps plus introduced me to so many unique genres that now I am excited about the potential for games to have unique and worthwhile styles of gameplay for me to experience.

aaron58292490d ago

same here... i never bought any sports games ever! Downloaded, maybe (ahem)... but never really enjoyed it.

So i was at a friends shop, we were just hanging out, and i noticed he had NBA2K14 for the ps4, so i just said, hey lets play nba because I'm kinda bored, he said ok... the game loaded... and the rest my friend, is history. Had so much fun, bought the game, been playing MyCareer til this day.

iceman062490d ago

You seem to have found the key to the 2K franchise...strategy. It's something that is often missing in other games, that 2K seems to capture pretty well. It's not about one player, it's about knowing how the team plays and exploiting the other team by using that strategy.
As for getting the next one, I'd say that what 2K does (much like most sports devs), especially when it's a new console, is that they release a pretty bare bones edition (2K14). Then, they beef up everything. They polish the game play and add modes. So, if you aren't worried about modes. You might be safe on 2K14 for a bit. But, if you really want the full experience, it's a must to upgrade. Most fans would say that 2K11 or 12 was the best. From early reports, they have topped that.

ATi_Elite2489d ago

NBA 2K15 Will be More Realistic.......

Optional add on device that squirts sweat in your face and for even more realism some big guy with a sledgehammer will burst in your door and tear your Acl or break your Leg for that Derrick Rose or Paul George experience.

Kobe Bryant experience offered too for those who live in Colorado.

Mkai282490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


loganbdh2490d ago

Lol a word I use frequently when I want to get on a friend's nerves. Also "Got em coach" works quite nicely :)

2490d ago
pain777pas2490d ago

I'm such a sucker.... Loved it.... Day one!

SIMOIKIE2490d ago

Best Damn Sports Game Period!

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