Wii 100k units shy of Overtaking Xbox 360 in U.S.

Taking into account the May video game sales data, it's apparent that Nintendo's momentum will enable the Wii to soon surpass the Xbox 360 in the U.S. The Wii's installed base reached 10.2 million units while the Xbox 360 installed base now stands at 10.3 million units – and that's with a year's head start for Xbox 360.

Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel pointed out that Wii sell-through had been averaging 351K units per month for the first half of 2007 when supply constraints were especially tight, but during recent months in 2008 Nintendo has been able to better address pent up demand. "Nintendo Wii's performance in recent months clearly demonstrates that it continues to be the leading console in the market," said Patel.

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Dlacy13g3783d ago

sorry but I have no desire to see the Wii succeed on the level that it is. I appreciate it bringing in new gamers, but I dont appreciate the onslaught of full priced mini-games that have become the trend for the console.

STARS3783d ago

I agree man, and I have nothing against the success of the Wii. In fact the first console I ever owned was an NES. But let's be realistic here, in terms of online service (features), game selection, and graphics, the Wii pales in comparison to both PS3 and 360.

Dannagar3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I've always liked Nintendo and when they were doing bad (N64/GameCube Era), I wanted to see them do better. I have a Wii and about 8 games but I've played most of my games 15 minutes at best and them put them away.

To be honest, I get irritable when I see crap like Wiiware, WiiSport, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit at the top of the charts month after month. After the last Zelda game, Twilight Princess, I realized I'm really tired of Zelda games and Mario games.

Nintendo went in a direction and I'm just not there with them anymore. As far as the market goes, you just have to think of them as their own market.

LastDance3783d ago

at the end of the day tho...casual gamers are just that...casual...they arent a reliant source. There's more of them, but wait for the next trend and its all over. Although Handhelds will stay popular i believe...

Seraphim3783d ago

well, I'd honestly be hard pressed to even say it's bringing in new gamers. At least not in the sense that it's going to benefit the industry. Nintendo yes, a few developers, possibly but the industry at large? No. I'm sorry but when the old folks home has one for rec night, and when my parents went out and bought one [Wii Sports] I hardly see it as something helping gaming. And while A LOT of gamers do own a Wii just as many non gamers have bought one as well. These people, while technically gaming, aren't the people who'll be buying other consoles. Aren't the people who'll be buying many games, and in general simply aren't becoming gamers in the fullest sense. Matter of fact a large majority of people I know with a Wii are people who'll play it once in a great while, and are people who aren't going to be buying many, if any games annually. I think Casual gamer might be a stretch... But it seems to me that the vast majority of Wii owners are those kind of people. And the other majority consists of what we once were, kids [NES, SNES, etc]...

Anyway, I said I'd buy one for $200 but Nintendo wants $250 so I've passed. Now that my parents have one though I can finally sit down and play Mario instead of getting a small taste [which is about all I've played of it]. Already played Zelda on my Gamecube so I have absolutely no intention of playing that on the Wii. Already own Okami [PS2] And unfortunately there isn't really anything else worth noting that I'm interested in playing; maybe Zack and Wiki. Not to mention that my PS360 has more than enough games to fill my time. ;)

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Bill Gates3783d ago

Face it BABOONS your BABOONBOX360 is just like an america muscle car.
It takes off fast of the line, but it quickly loses its umph, and eventually RRODs out on you....AHAHHAHHAHHA

Piece of sh!t machine...AHAAHHAHAHA

Typical one minute joy BABOONS...AHAHHAHAHHHA

DarkSniper3783d ago

This is further proof that Xbox 360 is on a sharp decline. Dark Sniper noticed that you finally got your second bubble back. He supposes it's because of fear and the urge not to resist PLAYSTATION®3 after the release of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Have another bubble on Dark Sniper.


GiantEnemyCrab3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Hey keyboard toughguy, shouldn't you be stroking your little Snake right now on the POS3?

Your American Muscle Car analogy was the stupidiest thing I've read today. Bravo Fishhead you continue to represent your kind well.

Just remember that Wii is kicking the wholly shat out of the POS3. It's beating it so bad it's not even worth mentioning.

snoopgg3783d ago

wii sells alot, but its software will never come close too anything on the 360 or ps3. The graphics are terrible and it really gets the shaft of the major third party support. I would die if I only owned a wii, cause it never got Call of Duty 4. Just that would make it suck enough not to buy it. You can have all those shovel ware magic wand games all to yourself. The wiis online also sucks a baboons arse.

juuken3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

...Wow. I get FOUR disagrees because I said Nintendo rocks? I like Nintendo as well so I don't see what's wrong with that? I don't even own a Wii but you have to admit that they're outselling both competitions here.

Some of you ought to take chill pills sometimes.

And snoop, think what you like about the Wii but it's been selling a LOT of hardware.

Bellic Jr3783d ago

well seeing as that you say they are wrong, you shouldnt need to see it because you somehow have the correct report that proves this one wrong.

jcgamer3783d ago

Da dum...Da dum! lol...oh man, this isn't great news for me AT ALL...they going Wii CRAZY...I WISH I could get into it...I really do...I feel sorta left out of the whole Wii craze...*sheds a tear* lol...hopefully, Nintendo can make a game that will get me interested...until then...

"This Is Living" and "Jump In"

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