Xbox One Slim Concept art Looks Fantastic

With the Xbox One’s chunky design, it’s hard to imagine a slim edition, but one designer has composed a mock-up of what such a version may look like: sleek, rounded, and much thinner. Microsoft, take notice.

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cfc782488d ago

I like it but I don't love it I think it needs something to set it apart from other devices around your tv but credit to the designer it's a great mock-up.

aconnellan2488d ago

I agree, it just needs that little bit extra. It would also be cool if the Kinect had a redesign in a slim bundle, but potentially pointless

cfc782488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

End of the day it's a games console id like it to look more fun possibly the graphic on top lighting up in various colours depending on which genre of game your playing or something like what Roccat does with their gaming designs,I look at how people mod their pc's design wise and think some options to do similar with consoles would be great.

Lawboy22488d ago

I agree..I hope it's sold together with the kinect and I wish it was white

gaffyh2487d ago

What it needs is a ring of light when the console powers up, and then it flashes red when there is some sort of failure. Then it would be complete.


Seriously though, I don't like the concept, it doesn't have any resemblance to the original design, and it should have some resemblance.

iamnsuperman2487d ago

Maybe a big fat X on the box that lights up or some other more noticeable lights?

Dee_912487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Yea it doesn't scream game console to me.. If I seen it in a store I probably would've walked right past it and thought it was some type of smart tv device or something.

Now this. This screams Console.. sweet toasty games

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Eddie201012488d ago

From beta max to sardine can.

KakashiHotake2488d ago

Now that I look at it, it does sorta look like a sardine can. lol

Ozmoses2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

if you look at the thumbnail photo really quickly it looks like a plain black suitcase/luggage with an Xbox controller sitting on top of it.

MWMonroe23952487d ago

Its looks less like a box now lol

3-4-52487d ago

It looks like a really large sleek HDD. kind of cool though I like it.

FanboyKilla2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

@cfc78 who wants something standing out. It should blend and not look like a childrens toy under your tv. Looks like a grown mans toy.

@kakaki hotashe untill you turn them on.

UnHoly_One2487d ago

There are no vents on it at all.

Remember this thing needs to be well ventilated. It is designed to be on 24/7.

cfc782487d ago

There's vents on top on the right hand side.

UnHoly_One2487d ago

My monitor brightness must be too low.

Looks pure black to me.

assdan2487d ago

So making it the same size as a ps4.

2485d ago
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KiwiViper852488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I personally love the look of the XboxOne. Have ever since the first time I saw it. Its hidden behind Privacy glass now tho. But the xbox logo still shines through.

This slim version looks too much like a wii

incendy352488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Yeah, I like the way X1 looks too. It looks so premium and shiny. I really want that gun metal COD version though haha. And I don't even like COD.

KiwiViper852488d ago

Ye same Gunmetal and gold looks so tough. And 1TB just a bonus

Izzy4082488d ago

This is the design Xbox should have launched with. It's not a masterpiece, but sure as hell looks better than the current design.

aconnellan2488d ago

I personally (I acknowledge that it's not everyone's cup of tea) like the current design, I think it just looks nice and solid, almost like a statement in my entertainment unit.

That being said, a slim version would suit me far more just for spacial issues, so I definitely like both.

700p2487d ago

lol you obviously have no taste.

PaleMoonDeath2488d ago

When you look at the original XB1 and compare it to the PS4, you ask yourself just how did they come to that clunky conclusion? if I were ever to be compelled to purchase an XB1, I'd personally wait for a slimmer model, style has it's perks.

gangsta_red2488d ago

The PS4 is no different, I wonder why they went with the angle look?

PaleMoonDeath2488d ago

I'm referring to the shape and size of the machines themselves, I can't see the current XB1 being a stylish addition to anyone's collection personally.

The PS4 however is much more appealing visually to me, much slimmer and sharper, I'd prefer mines in white but y'know, beggars can't be chosers.

KakashiHotake2488d ago

PS4 looks a whole lot better dude. The sad thing is that it looks even better when next to an Xbox One.

Kribwalker2488d ago

Yeah, the PS4 looks like one of those pink erasers

lawgone2487d ago

Having had both the PS4 and XB1 sitting side by side on my shelf for a couple months, here's what I've decided:
1) PS4 size is great and I like the light, but it kind of disappears on the shelf. The angles make plugging things in a little difficult.
2) I've grown to appreciate the two tone design of the XB1. It's sticks out more on the shelf without being too gaudy. The only thing I'd change would be to figure out a way to put the power brick inside of it like Sony did.
3.) While there were some improvements to the XB1 controller, overall I think it's a step back from the 360 - which was almost perfect. XB1 fit is a little loose on the right side and the start and select buttons are too small and hard to see.

Antifan2487d ago

Don't even...
The PS4 has 10x more personality than the bone, and that's just a general fact.

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gamerfan09092488d ago

I personally couldn't care less what any console looks like. I end up stashing it away in my entertainment center anyway. Controllers are the only design that I really care about because I look at those the majority of the time.

Bathyj2487d ago

Man, and Ive been wasting my time staring at my TV.

RebelWAC2487d ago

I love people with common sense.

@Bathyj +1 you're the man

Ginesis2488d ago

@Twiggy They answered the question as to why they made it the size it is, its because of ventilation. They made damn sure they weren't going to have another RROD fiasco!

mmcglasson2487d ago

Well Sony made it smaller and still had no RRoD. I might not be able to find the slim PS4 if they make one lol.

I like the slimmer X1 design but it does look a little too boring. Maybe add some more lights or grooves. I'm not a fan of how the original X1 looks.

Ginesis2487d ago

I know I'll get a ton of disagrees for this but my PS4 sounds like a jet engine when I play certain games. It hasn't overheated yet but with that sound it worries me every time. They (Sony) might of pulled it off but with the PS4 fan going like that it definitely has heating issues. Btw I bought one in December returned it cause of the sound of the fans and the next one did the same thing, so I figure its just how it runs. I'd rather have a quiet bigger system than a small one that sounds so loud.

thexmanone2488d ago

Small is not always better.

lawgone2487d ago

That's what she said. (Sorry, I had too ;)

AndrewLB2487d ago

I can't really take anyone seriously who uses the image of a mass murderer of men, women, and children as an avatar.

Illusive_Man2487d ago

Heat and being on 24/7.

Your answer.


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gangsta_red2488d ago

This exactly what the Xbox One should have looked like. This is basically the Xbox Magazine's original concept design before launch just painted black.

maniacmayhem2487d ago

Red is right, this is Xbox Magazine's mock up of the next Xbox.