Signed MGS4 Gunmetal bundle on sale at eBay

One truly dedicated Metal Gear fan stood in line to pick up Hideo Kojima's signature on his incredibly rare Gunmetal PS3 system. And now, he's putting it up on eBay. For $5,000. Hey, at least shipping is free?

There's nothing wrong with making a buck, but this kind of extraordinary price scalping is rather unacceptable. What's the most you would spend on this system?

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Dir_en_grey3779d ago

I don't care even if he only sales it at $600, a-holes purely doing things like this for profit should be shot.
A-holes like this is why the REAL fans can't get what they want sometimes. Limited edition are for the fans, not for you to sale for turnaround profit.

Drekken3779d ago

LOL... 40gig unit for $5k. gimme a break.

eagle213779d ago

It will probably sell for around $2100, not $5,000. But you never know. It better be 100% mint. He didn't play it, did he?

Luca Blight3779d ago

but he did wait in line or whatever to get the signature so he is entitled to more cash.

Seraphim3779d ago

yeah, I'll give him $700 for it. $600 for the PS3, $90 for the signatures, and $10 to him for wasting his time in line thinking he'd make a bundle...

SKUD3779d ago

The nerv of some people.

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The story is too old to be commented.