Fairy Tales turn ugly: we play American McGee's Grimm

Ars Technica writes: "When you look at the root of most fairy tales, you'll find some very dark things. Most stories have been given the Disney treatment or lightened up in some other way. Imagine if you could bring the darkness back to these tales? That's the basic idea behind American McGee's Grimm, an upcoming episodic game that's coming to GameTap on July 31.

The first chapter, "A Boy Learns What Fear Is," is based on a fairy tale I had not heard of. The kind people at GameTap were nice enough to set me up with an account and a sneak peak at the episode, and the game is certainly unique. The opening song is funny-have a look at a clip containing the song- and, while I found some of the voice acting a little repetitive-"NOW WHO IS SMELLY!?!" is repeated a few too many times-the game is a fun, casual, and engaging experience."

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