Review: Shut The Box (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Shut The Box is nothing out of the ordinary but doesn’t have to be for what kind of game it is or for the game it is replicating. It is not a bad game but not the best out of the available titles from developer, RCMADIAX. I would suggest trying out Blok Drop U or Poker Dice Solitaire Future, which are both RCMADIAX creations, over Shut The Box but if you like the real life board game, you’ll probably enjoy RCMADIAX’s take on it. Definitely keep an eye on RCMADIAX as they have much more in store for Wii U including Super Robo Mouse, Spikey Walls (a Flappy Bird Clone), and much more. Shut The Box was just not the title I expected out of the growing indie dev."

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