Wii Fit Video Review By Hot Fitness Instructor

Check the video review of Wii Fit by a woman from Provides an interesting take on the game that's got plenty crazy over it.

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deeznuts3872d ago

She doesn't seem to be too fit for a fitness instructor, but I see those all the time.

Splitz3872d ago

Just a normal chick trying out tha WiiFit?

PoSTedUP3872d ago

she seems smart about it and what she said makes sense.

the ps2 eyetoy might burn more calories than wii fit.

eyetoy- virtual boxing, dodging objects, dancing etc. alot of cardio vascular activities where your moving around the room opposed to standing in one place : )

^^^^ thats just the way i see it. seems like you get more of a work out with the eyetoy.

joeyda3872d ago


But Wii Fit is actually a bit strenuous during certain activities. I won't try to say that it should replace exercising altogether, but as a device for exercising, it works.

PoSTedUP3871d ago

tru tru, it could be a good warm up technique.

OldGamer3871d ago

This chick just fails in comparison.

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