The Last of Us VS The Walking Dead

The Last of Us and The Walking Dead have dominated the zombie world in many ways, through intuitive game play, powerful narratives, and heart wrenching moments of agony - that we cannot get enough of. Clearly, both games are brilliance. But, pitted against the other, which zombie game would come out on top?

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xNomaD2589d ago

Such a tough call. Both are incredibly brilliant games with impressive stories and characters. I think The Last of Us might win for me in the end, however.

PinkEye2589d ago

I have to say TLOU wins by an edge too for me:

Joel's character is so many shades of complex. And so is the subtext about the human condition and if it is worth/possible to restore. Walking Dear is GREAT, but that bit of subtext in TLOU's story, plus the ambiguity of Joel's shady moral compass is what still haunts me to this day. I never thought they'd have us use a character from that kind of skewed perspective. I thought TLOU would be a generic buddy-bonding tale. But Joel's "love"/idol-worship of Ellie is both beautiful and frightening and I never seen anything like it outside of novels. Truly brilliant characters in TLOU.

uptownsoul2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Very, very close…I think i'd have to agree though. TLOU is more of an emotional roller coaster than Walking Dead, with action just as good... IMO.

user65409482589d ago

Dunno why you got any disagrees. Spot on description of the game. Have a "well said" bubble, mate.

Ezz20132589d ago

i have no idea why the need to compare two very different genre

they share nothing in commen other than having great story and acting
that's it

that's like saying
Who is better Batman Arkham knight or Driveclub/Forza

ramiuk12589d ago

damn right,best characters and story i have ever played.

XBLSkull2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I don't know, I found Joel to be quite a stereotypical character and quite forgettable. Ellie was a bit better but I don't know why they made her swear so much, I didn't need her to drop the F bomb every time I killed something.

I love the Walking Dead comics and the TV show, but I thought the first season of the game was pretty boring and underwhelming. Enough to the point that I didn't care to play the second season.

Game wise I definitely say TLoU wins by a landslide, it was way better than WD (Assuming season 2 is just more of the same of the first)

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Blaze9292589d ago

Well, obviously TLoU seeing as The Walking Dead is an interactive story teller in a sense.

But as far as script and story telling, that would go to The Walking Dead. I really wonder how much time they spend on scripts with all the multiple decisions you can make changing everything.

fallout1012589d ago

Walking Dead all the way. But Ellie would kick Clem's ass in a real fight I think.

Why o why2589d ago

Lol, ellie was hardened

In regards to the games......enjoy both... theres space for both titles. Luckily many have that option.

I felt this way about god of war and dantes inferno. Glad I didn't dismiss dantes inferno due it being a gow clone. The story and game was enjoyable. I hope a sequel is made

goldwyncq2589d ago

Course she would. She's older and more experienced.

GarrusVakarian2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

TLoU. It's not even a contest.

TWD is great, though. One of my favourite games of 2012.

theshredded2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

wow is this even a question?TLOU by far hands down
The Last of Us won GOTY in 2013 against Bioshock Infinite and GTAV also it's most probably the most awarded game in history nuff said
The Walking Dead is for dem hipster yo

Concertoine2589d ago

Lol i love the common notion that there is a singular, unanimous "GOTY".

TLOU won a lot of those awards, but it didn't win THE Game of the Year award, there isn't one. Just a bunch of publications deciding their own GOTY's.

listenkids2589d ago

VGX? That isn't THE game of the year award. There is no king goty award.

Revolver_X_2589d ago

Well winning over 200 awards is pretty unanimous.

theshredded2589d ago

I mean most but u got what I mean

Quiescent2589d ago

So, What/Who is the true GOTY of 2013 and from what source? Think carefully before you answer cause you don't want to look like an idiot.

Concertoine2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Nothing can be "pretty" unanimous. That's an oxymoron. Im not trying to undermine TLOU, the title of "GOTY" just irks me.


You're so defensive it hurts. I put no value in the name GOTY, so i have no answer to that. My personal favorite game of 2013 was TLOU, easy. I just stated a fact that "Game of the Year" isn't a unanimous title. Let's say i was in an argument and said "of course that game is good, it was Game of the Year!" I wouldn't be wrong, but saying so denies the other "Games of the Year" crowned by other opinions. The phrase essentially means nothing, bringing up a more professional, definite reward would be preferable. Like a BAFTA.

Dead Island, a buggy game with mediocre reviews, has a "Game of the Year" edition. That's the extent that this ambiguous phrase has taken.

Quiescent2589d ago

Nobody is defensive so quit your assumption. Plus, your response was quite feeble and inconsistent. Fix your opinions with more relevant information to be taken seriously and respected. Yours was half assed.

Concertoine2589d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I think you guys are missing my point...

Where did i say VGX was the de facto GOTY? Why are people agreeing with the guy under my first comment who just put words in my mouth?

I'm saying bragging about the game being "Game of the Year" is just an ambiguous point. There are a million game of the year awards, each going out to various games.


I apologize, it just seemed you came off a bit harsh using the word idiot and such, and you seemed to miss my point entirely because you asked what i thought the true GOTY was after clearly stating i didn't believe in the title in that context.

How am i inconsistent? I've been saying the same thing all along: the title "GOTY" used in singular respect to a game, is wrong. Saying it won X GOTY awards, sure. Saying it IS GOTY, is not. It can be your's (was mine), it can be IGN's or whomever else's, but it is not the one, true GOTY on a mass level. That's all i've been saying. Every game is GOTY to some obscure publication. Like i said, Dead Island was GOTY to some publication, hence the GOTY repackaging.

I mean if you call it THE Game of the Year 2013, you can only do so personally. If you call it "the winner of the most GOTY awards", then you do so factually. Even the original comment's author understood what i was saying and corrected himself.

Quiescent2588d ago

Sorry, my boss was a dick and F ed up my morning. I apologize for the hostility. Most of the thing s I replied to you were born from anger. No harm done man.

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colonel1792589d ago

The Last of Us!

The Walking Dead doesn't even have gameplay, it's just an interactive story.

DallasTrout2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I think it's interesting how TLOU uses it's gameplay to help the story. Like after the Winter section, when Ellie is emotionally distant when Joel asks her to get the ladder. Even that tiny pause in something you do countless times in the game makes Ellie's emotions feel so much more important.

paddy952589d ago

It has just as much gameplay as the last of us.

Ezz20132589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )


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