New Siren: Blood Curse Screenshots

Creepy new screenshots for upcoming horror title, Siren: Blood Curse.

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PoSTedUP3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

can i please get a bubble? pretty pleeeeeease.. ; P

jkhan3776d ago

Played the demo & I loved it:P
I wonder what will be the pricing?

funkysolo3776d ago

If sony sells it by episodes then I will just wait to buy the whole game..I don't want to start a game and then wait 3 months for the next chapter

level 3603775d ago

May look good with these screenshots but on an hd-screen not really... first things first - the camera movements are very limited ( which is very annoying, the developers should really fix this one before releasing the full game ).
Since it is only a demo, I did'nt find it scary nor creepy as in something like the Silent Hill game. It's more like you see the zombies coming, hack, slash or shoot them once they're there and get out - no signs or warnings to make you feel scary.
Lighting is a cross between very bright ( foregound ) or very dark ( backgrounds ).