The 25 Best Games of All Time

Intense tennis matches, a terrorist blasting first person shooter and a fat Italian plumber are but a few of the best games ever made.

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Jamie Foxx3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

in MY eyes MGS4 (and im still only two chapters in)

imense,unrivalled,beautiful,u nsurpasssed,unbelievable graphics,story is intense,intelligent,the game kojima wanted to make 10 years ago

disagree all you want mgs4 is number 1 in MY opinion

FredFredrickson3782d ago

Don't you think it's a bit early to start adding MGS4 to "best of all time" lists?

I'm all for it if it stands the test of time, but come on - the game's been out for like, a day and a half. Talk about jumping the gun.

BeaArthur3782d ago

FredFredrickson..agreed, way to early to call it one of the best of all time.

morganfell3782d ago

No it isn't too early. I just finished Chapter 4 and there is no doubt. Greatest game ever. It should occupy the top two slots because there isn't anything close. When you play this game and realize the detail, the production values (thru the roof) and the fact there is $200 worth of game in that box you won't be a doubter.

MikeGdaGod3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

i'm not really to call MGS4 the best game of all time yet simply because i haven't finished it yet.

but i will say it is the best game i haven't finished yet, of all time....if that makes sense. lol

EDIT: there's no way GTA4 should be on this list. it isn't even the best game in the series. San Andreas was 1000x's better, i played that game for months. i haven't touched GTA4 since i completed the story mode. i don't care how much detail went into the game, it's boring as hell and i almost traded it in to get additional funds towards MGS4 but i decided i might want to play it day.

wildcat3782d ago

I played San Andreas for years too. GTA4's way too slow, I can barely get into it half the time, and where are all the good cheats.

fm813782d ago

i dont see mgs4 on the list..sorry my gorilla friend..oohh oohh aahh aahh..

Domenikos3782d ago

It was a nice attemps but its like comparing dogs with telephones...

Rock Bottom3782d ago

But who cares?!...

Any way I just want to know, am I the only one who thinks Zeld:A Link to the Past is better the Ocarina of time?

UziSuicide3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Agreed, is so far beyond what other games have been it's ridiculous,

MGS4 is definitely the best game of all time by far.

ECKOo93781d ago

Finally someone explains GTAIV for the way it is. It's a great game but it is boring half the time. Me personally I like GTA3, it's my fave. I remember when it first came out I would go over to my neighbor's house just to watch him play it because mi madre wouldn't let me buy it.

A little early to say MGS4 is the best game of all time. Definatly the best game I have not yet finished except for FFVII. Why is that not on the list.

Mario is not even that good. It's just some fat plumber that can jump high and kick flowers in the face. It's like what Scootie said about GTAIV, good game but not great.

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fork3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

If FFVI or Mario World (first game i played) is not on this list then its fake

i like gamedaily they are anti-sony website. but if they diss any nintendo game. Screw them gaylords

steck673782d ago

eh, it's an okay list I guess. I mean this is another persons opinion so...

BIoodmask3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Zelda: OOT is probably one of if not the greatest game ever. The level design was great as well as the quest. The only other Zelda game I enjoyed as much was 'A Link to the Past'.

It's also nice to see Gunstar Heroes on the list. It was truly a Genesis classic. I just wish that Teasure made more games these days. There was a rumor circulating a while back that Treasure is working on Radiant Silvergun 3.

BeaArthur3782d ago

A Link to the Past was awesome.

Peow3782d ago

For once, I agree with you! I still play OOT. Sure I can beat the game in like half an hour(just the temples), but the fact that I can still play it and enjoy it all these years is amazing. Normally after I beat a game once I can't play it again. Ocarina and Majoras mask should be in the top two. Wait. OOT was in the #2 slot! :P.

I personally did like Majoras Mask more than OOT. It was just.. more to do.

Nevers3782d ago

Dude too. I always have fun playing that one again.

bama3782d ago

"Masato Maegawa, Treasure: When we were originally working on Sin and Punishment [for Virtual Console], there was some discussion utilizing Wii-like controls, and I think now that we’re working more with the Wii, it is something we’d very much like to try."

Frankly Sin and Punishment was one of my favorite games during the N64/PS1/Saturn era. a sequel would be amazing. But it probably wouldn't be released outside of Japan. You should play the localization on the VC though its pretty good. Even if its a decade too late.

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fork3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Gamedaily list sucks most of the time. But wth this many quality Snes games i have to agree. Nintendo make the best games i think.....

Peow3782d ago

*Nintendo used to make the best games of all time.

Fighter3782d ago

I agree with some of the games on the list but most of the other games are not worth mentioning. Gamedaily always does these stupid lists every year.