Microsoft Refuses To Acknowledge Wireless Headset Flaws

Over at the official website the forums are full of posts about the lack of support from MS over the wireless headset issues. Many loyal 360 owners were waiting for this headset with high hopes. Here at XBL Radio, where we record on Xbox Live for our LIVE show, we were hoping to have a peripheral that would allow us to use the controller for our LIVE Roundtable: enabling us to have more freedom as we record over LIVE. However Rusty Ranchero and Carpal will both agree that the headset is another stumbling block on the 360 accessory releases.

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power of Green 5969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

Im sure MS's not dealing with the consumer on purpose, they might not know what's happening many people say it works fine.

Interesting suject though i hope MS can address the issue and do right by their consumers.

Steve5195969d ago

I did get with Major Nelson on this topic and he told me that we is forwarding this to his team. But after talking with others I heard that this wasn't the first time he was told.

power of Green 5969d ago

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Steve519 20 Nov 2006 17:57

I take it you dont have a 360 how is MS fu*king people over COOL!?!?!?!?!. lol

Steve5195969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

You take that I don't have a 360? Why is that, is it because I do a podcast about the 360, is it because I run a 360 website or is it the fact that I talked to Major Nelson and some others at MS about this and they are NOW forwarding this issue to their team. So go ahead and pick a reason why I don't own a 360. But the issue is that there has been a crap load of talk about this in the Xbox community and over at the official forums and nothing has been done about this. They are choosing to ignore the issue right now. Just like the overheating issue when the 360 came out. I'm on my 2nd 360 now, I don't hate MS for that either, I just wish they put more testing into there products. So sorry to dissapoint you here but there is no hating going on, just informing others.

Oh and yes, I voted a cool for my story here, you can check all my stories I post. I always do that. And while your checking look at my other submitted stories, there are good things I've posted about MS and bad things as well. I'm a gamer, I just want whats best for gamers.

power of Green 5969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

My bad Dude!/Man!, sh*t problems with MS's products confused me with the vote. I did not realize you were the type of demanding gamer that hold companies to the up-most critasizom, nothing wrong with that if had any problems with the 360 believe me when i say; i would be volcal also. Peace. I thought by now all 360 owners knew MS cares very much about their fans the way the thread is worded sounds like MS puts out products for money with out concern about the quality.

highps35969d ago

They will admit it after they sold well.

Dont know why people want M$ to succeed so bad either. But they got it, now watch what happends to the gaming industry.

Steve5195969d ago

I want them to succeed but that doesn't mean I want the others to fail. I think that when you have 3 big guys all going at it, Nintendo, Sony and MS that in the end we all win. They win by getting our dollar and we when by getting better products due to the competition

gnothe15969d ago

first an formost Im american, its about time we got a product that can compete in the japanese market.all you see is mainly jap cars on the road,jap systems in our house, so hell yeah I support MS!!!what have MS done with windows over the years , nothing but made it better an better, so if they take over the gaming market I dont see it as a bad thing!!

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