Ars Technica: MGS4 play log: cut-scenes are 60 minutes of pain, pleasure (Possible spoilers)

Ars technica writes: "I'm into my second day playing through Metal Gear Solid 4, over fourteen hours in, and at the end of the game's third act. Yesterday was spent sitting at my desk like something of a World of Warcraft cliché: shades drawn, phone off the hook, lights down, trapped in a digital world-though most of the time has been spent sitting, watching, listening.

Thankfully, the ability to pause cut-scenes has prevented any unsightly accidents. I hit the first 60-minute-plus cut-scene sequence yesterday. During Act 3, there's a particularly long exposition between Snake and an old friend that, in a sense, sums up the entire Metal Gear Solid series in a straight-forward way. All the cards are laid down on the table, all the players of the story revealed, and the stage set for a final confrontation as the game begins to move toward resolution."

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Altis13780d ago

Shouldn't of sold those stocks Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn. Damn.

resistance1003780d ago

Long Cutscenes FTW!!!!!!!!!

Kyur4ThePain3780d ago

I love how *some* people have been trying to make out that the long cutscenes are a bad thing.
I have news for you.
The STORY of MGS is a large part of why the fans love it, and the cutscenes only add to the cinematic story telling that has been a hallmark of the series.
Kojima said MGS4 is for the fans. And the fans love the cutscenes.

Syronicus3780d ago

Bubbles for you.

I ♥ Cut-scenes

jojo3193780d ago

I don't agree that reviews, etc... should factor in the length of the cut-scenes in determining the score. That being said, while i enjoyed the first MGS titles, i can't stand long cut-scenes. I get anxious when they approach 5 minutes.So this would definitely affect my PERSONAL enjoyment of the game. I am one impatient SOB. But saying that "fans love cut-scenes" is a pretty broad statement. I love MGS, but i HATE long cut-scenes. I could care less what Kojima's "vision" is. I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME.

Dir_en_grey3780d ago

That's not a "possible" spoiler, it IS a SPOILER! =P

ps360s3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I myself had no problems with the cutscenes at all!

Let me tell any of you guys who has not got MGS4...GO and get it!

Even if you just own a Xbox 360 and looking for a good reason to buy a Playstation 3 then this is the reason for you to buy one...

Incredible! Fantastic! EPIC!

lol ok sorry for that guys but yes MGS4 is that damn good...

Oh yea have to add that playing MGS4 makes me feel that it has open this generation up much like MGS for the Playstation 1 and MGS 2 for the Playstation 2...
Well whatever just play the game guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.