Xbox Live Experiencing Sign In Issues, Core Services “Limited,” Says Xbox Support

MP1st - In the wake of attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network, users on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One are now reporting issues signing in to Xbox Live’s online services.


Microsoft has updated their page, saying all Core services (signing in, ect) are fixed.

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jronj1543d ago

Netflix will not load if you cannot sign into Xbox live.
They really should change this....

Nitrowolf21543d ago

Someone made an interesting point. If MS was beign DDos, would it even be wide spread given the fact that they own so many servers and such???? IDK how that stuff works, so

jujubee881543d ago Show
Nitrowolf21543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Point One and Two: I can write however,whenever, and wherever I please. If you have an issue with that, so be it that's something you'll have to take up with yourself.

Point 3: Where in my original comment did I even mention a company DDosing another? I was asking whether or not MS can evade one, given the amount of servers that they own.

@Codewow Below

Thanks for the insight

Codewow1543d ago

@jujubee, I have no idea who your original comment is replying to, but if it's to Nitro, then your comment is severely irrelevant.

@Nitro, it would take a lot more than a direct DDoS to take down live completely, but with the correct planning it's very possible. The load balancers would be doing their jobs by redirecting pings, but if there's enough of them it can overload it all.

BX811543d ago

I'm going to tell you that 7 out of 10 times I go to network under my xb1 settings it's going to say there is something wrong with the core gaming or some sort of marketplace issue. I don't know what changed from the 360 to the xb1 but ms is really starting to piss me off. I had enough of this crap last gen. If they can't provide a stable service I'll just go with ps4. Yeah they may have an issue right now but with xbl it's constant. The xb1 is an excellent system but these xbl issues are really getting out of hand.

jujubee881543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


No, you can't just 'write however' you want -- 'you kidding me?!?

What you are doing isn't writing in english .. If you want me (or anyone else) to understand you when you communicate online, then do it the correct and proper way. You can be better understood by minimizing spelling errors and improving your grammar. Simple!

@codewow: Oh please, you only replied once he made a second comment and was (probably) so ashamed of how he wrote his OP that he needed to clarify (what he had originally written).

Also, I'm not here to be the village "grammar nazi" bc I know my grammer isn't always prefect online (I tend to shorten stuff for time, etc). I'm just saying, what you (@nitro) wrote was barely even readable.

Again, peace.


"Why does (jujubee88) write in brackets (so often) (?)"

It's called parenthesis. This is brackets --> []

I write in parenthesis often as it implies the written part is more of an inner thought. Sorta kinda. I've been critiqued for it before (as I said I'm not perfect). At least, people get what I'm writing and it's more of a english writing styling error and not a fundamentally incorrect approach. If you have anymore comments related to this issue, by all means, write about it. :)

KiwiViper851543d ago

Why does (jujubee88) write in brackets (so often) (?)

thorstein1543d ago

Most attacks seem to be originating in China (and for some reason Western Africa (around Liberia and south)) I'd imagine those are just being routed from China.

It is mostly aimed at larger cities (LA, NY, maybe Dallas.)

Parts of Europe are getting them and some in Australia.

The US is mostly attacking China. It is odd, but it is interesting to watch. Don't know what is going on.

Dark_king1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@jujubee88 I understood it fine, though I chat whit lots of people who are drunk and stoned off there asses.So maybe the real problem is on your end,you need more experience reading on the internet.

Edit:BTW everyone should take this time to run there virus scans.Just to make sure your not adding to the attack.(though im sure many of the people here don't download anything without checking it first right?)

chrismichaels041543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

All day long, xbox fans tried using this nonsense as an excuse to bash PlayStation. Now it's affecting Xbox one as well. Now is the time for everyone to drop the ridiculous fanboy bickering and unite as one cohesive gaming community to show these mischievous online groups that we will not be shaken by their foolish attempts to get attention. Because at the end of the day, the only people being inconvenienced is us.....the gamers.

UltimateMaster1543d ago

Well so much for "Xbox Live is invincible."

It probably could handle more than PSN, but honestly, they had a 15 years head start of charging people to play online. So you'd expect it wouldn't be down for long.

As more people invest in PS+, it'll get better. They'll reinvest it in more servers and back-up servers to avoid these mind of scenarios.

BTW; Don't DDoS, it just sucks for everyone.

LordMaim1543d ago

Lizard Squad posted a few hours ago: Is anyone having issues with the Xbox Live Login servers?

Not a coincidence.

nicksetzer11543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Except, it isn't having any issues .... me and my friends have literally been on since 6 and watching waynes world on netflix right now.

I mean look at the linked reddit page, two people had issues the rest said it signed in fine...

EDIT: I would attatch an image, but it keeps refreshing the page, I have 34 people on right now all in games or on netflix

AngelicIceDiamond1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Sign in issues only is reported.

Man, XBL is hanging in there.

TheGreatAndPowerful1543d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

That's shame.

4Sh0w1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

No problem here, been playing Diablo 3 all day, talking with friends, none of them have had issues, fingers crossed it stays that way.

DoubleYourDose1542d ago

@jujubee88: If you can't differentiate between "where" and "were", then you are the last person to be giving advice on grammar.

IrishSt0ner1542d ago

LizardSquad didn't do anything, the real culprit leaked LizardSquad IP's and shut down their website. FamedGod seems to be the one that DDoS'd the networks. Look it up, PSN network took a massive hit, LIVE not so much.

After bringing down PSN he wrote:
"Xbox is Next. #ProjectMicro"

"See atleast Xbox and Microsoft are smart and dont operate on one datacenter. Sony your f****** aids."

ALLWRONG1542d ago

Fixed in minutes. That's good service. PS fans thought they has something.

fr0sty1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@Nitro The myth of MS having many more servers than Sony is falling to pieces right now.

Also, the attacks are ongoing, this is far from fixed. Lizard Squad is still reporting new attacks. Also, don't forget Sony fixed their network several times yesterday also, but it was brought down again. Looks like the same happening here.

Lizard Squad @LizardSquad · 2m

Currently planting flag in XBL's upstream with an AK47 #ISIS #jihad #IS"

gootimes1542d ago

lol, now the argument is "which network sucks the least" on here?

DollMytee1542d ago

It would not. The only thing that really screws people is when the login/authentication servers go down. Then you are screwed from signing in. They have had this in the past.

I know I am going to get massive disagrees for this, but Microsoft section off services well it seems. Any one thing can go down, but I have in 8 years never seen all of Xbox Live go down. Usually it is the sign-in servers or something else.

memots1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

buuu buuu buuu premium money is supposed to protect you.

lawgone1542d ago

How f***ing sad...Sony gets DDoS attacks (again) so Sony fanboys try to make it appear as though MS is getting them too. What a joke.

@Dark_king...How did you understand "just fine" when Nitrowolf2 used a misspelled word that could be interpreted as a number of words that would completely change the meaning of the post? "Beign" is not a word. Did he mean being? Behind? Benign? Who knows? If anything, the rough structure of the sentence would make "behind" the most logical word --- ("If MS was behind [the] DDoS,...) Admittedly, they left out "the" but if you were to insert "being" there would be several more words that are left out rather than just one. (MS was being DDos,?) But I guess if you're a fanboy then you just throw logic out the window and attack anyone pointing out how lame this story and all the posts and agrees attached to it truly are.

@kiwiviperwhatever - Look up 'parenthetical.' Here's a link

morganfell1542d ago

@All Wrong,

"Fixed in minutes" you say? Hoiw many minutes are you talking about? Just curious about your definition of minutes because this:

Microsoft's own link is showing this:

Notice the Date/Time Group? That is hours later. 6 hours, not minutes, after your post. At least have the dignity to be honest.

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jmac531543d ago

Netflix never loads for me on the 360. After they updated the app it's useless. I call Netflix and they blame MS. MS in turn blames Netflix. The PT worked for awhile and now I get the same connectivity error so I know it's Netflix.

IVanSpinal1543d ago

I think the problem is only for few guys, go to bf4stats, an you can see for yourself guys PC normally 40,000 X1 Normally 32,000 PS4 Normally 50,000. But this time the PS4 has like 1,000 players only

ajax171543d ago

Same with PSN. It's quite annoying.

TheGreatAndPowerful1542d ago

Netflix is working just fine and has been all day.

ajax171542d ago

I meant you can't use Netflix without signing into PSN.

lawgone1542d ago

I love how 8 people have disagreed with you when you said "I meant you can't use Netflix without signing into PSN." It's a fact, yet they are disagreeing. Makes my head hurt.

LackTrue4K1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

all this attack suck!!!

this is all i can do with my PlayStation 4 @ this point, the Netflix works find on it....
...really wanted to jump in some Plants vs Zombies online games......

@ ajax17, stop your trolling....Netflix works fine on it.

aragon1543d ago

Lol so funny trying make this look as bad as psn really why can't we hope for them to catch these dos ppl, on topic stepdaughter just finished watching witches of east end on netflix , and now she starting up pvz with no problems must be invincible here

gootimes1542d ago

Actually this is worse than the PSN, because PSN was just a stupid DDoS attack that could happen to ANY network. XBL just went down...

Gamer19821542d ago

It really sucks Xbox got targeted aswell and MS says its been fixed but it clearly hasn't

In a twisted kind of way kind of glad this has happened as at least it shows xbox fanboys that no service is safe from these type of attacks and it brings gamers together over a common threat rather than saying my service is better than yours because it hasn't gone down. Maybe fanboys will think twice in future now before saying Xbox is bulletproof.. Though they probably won't :(.

shloobmm31542d ago

Those errors are nothing new and have nothing to do with a DDoS attack. Diablo has had issues since launch and pubs is always messed.If any one was affected on xb it was a small percentage of players and no one that I know had an issue with it.Xbl uses multiple servers all over the world so if it was hit somewhere it wouldn't be a global shutdown like pan anyways.

gangsta_red1542d ago

Sux that Sony fanboys are desperately trying to drag XBL into the DDOS attack when it's clearly not the case at all.

But keep trying, lord knows we need to keep the hilariousness going on this site.

FanboyKilla1542d ago

Sad how an xone article about a minor issue is full of ps fans. It doesnt even effect you. I guess since sony had a problem you wish it on others. Sad. You were just in the psn down article saying how, its not a big deal. Nice try, under attack and sign in issues huuuuge difference. But if it helps you fanboys feel better, by all means have at it.

Should i be mad at my xone too, since my ps4 was screwed lol? Even though the xone didnt skip a beat.

Chill out everything is fine now. Its madden time 12:01am!

hardcorehippiez1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

yea xbox fans didnt come into the psn down threads at all did they? where was your criticism for that ? but then again the double standards of some in n4g is unbelievable . on topic its sad that this is happening to micro and sony , hope they catch these scum

3-4-51542d ago

I was just playing PvZ for 2 hours no problems at all, so I would guess most aren't effected.

Spotie1542d ago

You could only guess that not all are affected, based on your own experience. That experience is nowhere near weighty enough to lend it the "most" title.

otherZinc1542d ago

Live works just fine.
When PSN f***s-up (& that's often), some Clown always writes a "well M$ is having problems too"... LMAO! What Clowns. LOL!

XBOX Live is A-Ok!

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elazz1543d ago

Even multiplatform DDOS attacks don't come to Wii U nowadays :p

Honestly, no one deserves to get hacked like this because the only thing you create is millions of people frustrated. And then these idiotic kids thought it would be funny to report a bomb on a midair flight where the CEO of Sony online entertainment was in causing even more trouble for the flightcrew and passengers, the company and US security. This is getting out of hand and I hope they'll get arrested. No sympathy for these guys

camel_toad1543d ago

They are trolls with power. Baaaaad combination.

nosferatuzodd1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

And ppl think ps fan and nintendo fans are bad you really need a life if youre going to do things like this I've bin saying this for a while now a certain corporation fanboys are the worst thing to ever hapen to gaming they're like cry baby oh my system isnt winning lets hack the networks please get a life

admiralvic1543d ago

"Even multiplatform DDOS attacks don't come to Wii U nowadays :p "

They do, you just need to wait a couple of months. =P

"Honestly, no one deserves to get hacked like this because the only thing you create is millions of people frustrated."

Seriously though, I fully agree. I was hoping to play some Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, but with this BS going on I instead have to do something else. Thankfully FXX is up to season 8 of The Simpsons, so it wasn't a total wash. :3

ZerobyZero1543d ago

Wii U must be the forgotten console

BTW I was just Joking

Gamer19821542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Why would you hack WiiU?? There online community is practically non existent.. Don't take this as a shot as WiiU games just the online sucks.. I hate my WiiU for online.

Mega241543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

To be clear, this is not "Hacking". DDOS is so easy to do, that a kid with a lot of machines(virtual and local) can do, if he knows how to used cmd.

garos821543d ago

now this getting out of hand now. These "warriors" have a bone to pick with they shouldn't punish the users. Who the fuck do they think they are?
Why don't they all just fucken grow up and call a lawyer like the rest of the adult world.
little entitled bitches is what they are.

fr0sty1542d ago

Wii U has an online service? :P

k3rn3ll1542d ago

DdoS attacks are not hacks. There is no "hacking" involved. I used to do this kinda stuff when I was 14 just for kicks. All depends on how strong your botnet is. But you aren't cracking and or coding anything

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Enemy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Battlenet is having problems in some servers too. No life DDOSers having a bit of fun today.

Mega241543d ago

this has been going on since yesterday, Twitch, Blizzard, Sony and others have been under attack. I just really hope a breaker blows up for them, if they are all in one single location.

tiffac0081543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Those guys have been actually doing it for days. NCSoft and CCP Games were the first ones that got attacked before Blizzard, LoL and Sony.

Eonjay1543d ago

I feel two ways about this. They aren't attacking Sony/Microsoft, they are attacking gamers. Secondly, when you threaten to kill people with a bomb, thats something different altogether.

swishersweets200311543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

i hope when they get caught they get tried as terrorist and be put to death. One thing to deny a service, but to claim your going to blow up a plane. Yeah, they deserve to be put to death.

DigitalHope1543d ago

Ummmmm yeah. That is a little extreme just like their behaviour. Don't sink to their level.

Concertoine1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

They need to be hanged, drawn, and quartered /s.

rainslacker1543d ago

US government doesn't have capital crimes. Terrorist threats do not a terrorist make. I can't remember what it's called, but it has a different term when you say you're going to do something, and when you actually do it.

Honestly, these guys just come off as stupid. I have a feeling when they're caught and exposed to the public, we'll all see that they aren't quite as terrifying as they'd like everyone to believe. They appear more idiotic to me based on their twitter posts, and I've never seen terrorist stories where the terrorist looked like an obnoxious moron.

CoLD FiRE1542d ago

If they get caught and they're brown they'll be tried for "terrorism". If they're white they'll be declared "mentally unstable". If they're black they will be shot by the cops "in self defense".

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DigitalHope1543d ago

Eonjay is right. This isn't about some fanboy war. Both services can be crippled. Now they are attacking gamers of all sorts and it's complete bullshit

And bomb and death threats now? I hope they find them and I hope they drag them out in front of the world and make an example out of them so people think twice before doing something as vain as this.

What a complete waste of talent.

Mega241543d ago

waste of talent?? You don't need no talent to ddos a machine, you'll need lots of machines though.

swishersweets200311543d ago

@passive attack a little extreme? i think threatening to blow up a plane with innocent people on board to be more on the lines of deserving of being tried as a terrorist and get what all terrorist get.. death.. or cockmeat sandwiches at Gitmo.

garos821543d ago

@PassiveAttack and Eonjay. well said bubs.

These guys have taken this crappy crusade of theirs a little to far.

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ocelot071543d ago

This is so sad. No gaming network should be DDOS attacked. Your not effecting the company they all ready have are money. All there doing is effecting the innocent gamer.