Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of Two Consoles, Just Like Wii

When the Wii U was launching in late 2012, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime did his job; he kicked in with full PR-nonsense in his statements and predictions. The focus in that time — in multiple territories — was to talk up the system as a console for the 'hardcore', in which case the term meant those that prioritise and love releases such as Call of Duty, Fifa and titles of that ilk. There were attempts to show how the GamePad's second screen could improve those experiences — it can, though doesn't get the chance any more — and there was even talk of the Wii U's raw power.

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Remy_Chaos3210d ago

Love my Wii U but not so much in name. Anyways been having a blast with MK8 & DKTF, looking forward to Bayonetta 2 and of course Zelda. I just loved the appearance of the game shown at E3, even if it was insanely brief.

Dannycr3210d ago

DKC: Tropical Freeze is, IMHO, the Best platforming game this gen and it is also a game that reminds you of how difficult the old games used to be compared to the park rides they are now.

My last Nintendo only gen was the Gamecube and I didn't really miss the PS2. When I got a PS2, the PS3 was closed to being released, but with the Wii and WiiU it has been different.

deafdani3210d ago

Glad to see you're enjoying Tropical Freeze, it's a blast. Don't forget to also give Wonderful 101 a chance.


wonderfulmonkeyman3210d ago

I've always felt that being a multiplatform gamer who owns at least one system from either Microsoft and Sony on top of a Nintendo system is the best way to be considered a well-rounded gamer.[and, if one can afford it, a gaming PC, either besides the others or as a replacement for the Sony or Microsoft console, since any one of the three is what you'd aim for when thinking third party games]

Yes, it's expensive, but Nintendo's stuff isn't exactly budget-breaking, at the very least. It'd take less than half the time to save up for a Wii U, at its current prices, and mere weeks if you went for the $199 units that Nintendo is selling out of their website.

But I digress; you'll get more gaming for your buck and miss out on far fewer of the big hit games by owning at least one Microsoft or Sony console alongside a Wii U.
At this point, only an idiot would not think that there's going to be great games that anyone can enjoy on all three consoles, so why be a console war soldier who makes any excuse they can to avoid a console?
Pick them up, get used to how they operate, grow used to their different controllers, and wait for the great titles to hit.
You can't lose when you go multiplat. It's just that simple.

Sincere01213210d ago

Nintendo consoles have always been my primary console, I had a ps1 for a while when I was younger, also had a ps3 and xbox 360 for a while but sold both to buy games for my Nintendo console.
Now I have a Wii U and have just been bought an xbone for my bday.
I do like the xbone but hate all these constant updates with every game. Is the ps4 the same?

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