50 Things to Do in GTA IV - Part 1

In this CVG feature article they list some of the top things to do in GTA IV. They are full of secrets, chaos and all sorts of tomfoolery.

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omni_atlas3781d ago

Its too bad I got the Red Light of death on my Playstation and had to return the system for a refurbished one. I'm still scared as hell to play this game for fear it could crash the whole system again.

Otherwise, I'll be doing these 50 things.

GodsHand3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

@ above - No idea, what your talking about.

But I did not know about calling the paramedics for health by dialing 911. retty obvious but I never tried it.

The fire truck one, I did try, but It seemed to not put a fire out.

I never tried the upside down, hooker loving.

But im looking forward to the rest of the list.

One thing I did, was steal a helicopter dont mater which, and go to the heli-tours and wait for one to take off with me hovering above them, and they crash into and burn.

Also the swingset glitch thing is pretty cool. So many things to do in GTA 4, but so little when compared to GTA: San Andreas.

omni_atlas3781d ago


A 266 page thread on GTA IV crashing on PS3 systems. Yes, I thought the PS3 was crash-proof until it happened to me. I couldn't even turn my system on. Frustrating, and the worst part is, theres not really an official statement by Rockstar, OR Sony telling us why its happening.

GodsHand3781d ago

I had freezing problems, quick fix was to not sign in to PSN. After the patch was released had no problems.

I had the system lock up befor, but not with GTA 4. As for not being able to reboot the system, I never had that problem.

marcindpol3781d ago

i will trade my gta4, think this game is most over rated game ever, so boring, finished 60% of main story and cannot force myselve to play it any more!

strotee3781d ago

Sell it and buy MGS4 (which I did).

(Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm just having fun.)

Silogon3781d ago

3 things To do with GTA4

3 - Hit eject
2 - Take the game out
1 - Toss it in the garbage

GVON3781d ago

I wouldn't go that far, but I know what you mean

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