PlayStation Store download limbo

From Joystiq: "Learn from your competitors' mistakes. When Xbox 360 shipped with crippled downloading functionality, we were all over it -- for months. When the problem was eventually corrected with a spring update, we figured our suffering had ended. Enter PlayStation 3.

That Sony's new console lacks background downloading and a download queue is maddening. It represents an utter failure on Sony's part to use these past 12 months to orchestrate a console launch that exceeds the precedent set by Microsoft. Sure, a firmware update could fix this, but why is Sony launching with a feature that gamers deemed unacceptable a year ago?"

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Sphinx4441d ago

...while Microsoft is known for sticking with a product, and constantly improving it, Sony isn't. I'm really wondering whether or not Sony will ever fix this.

Mr Murda4441d ago

I could easily see Sony saying this is the way it is. I also wonder if there is a quality team behind their service to improve this. Sony so far, and up to launch, has seemed to have taken a laissez-faire approach to their online service. Hence all of the user created items that are supposed to be online, and also the fact that they're letting developers dictate what they put on there.

Dick Jones4441d ago

And this happened in which fantasized alternate reality of yours?

TheXgamerLive4441d ago

I hade mine from day 1, no issues ever on it, and it's put in many many many hours of use.

Again, so called wannabe fans of the so called wannabe console the ps3 is spreading at will, lies about the number 1 gaming console par none, the Xbox 360. If someone wants to be taken with even an ounce of credibility, then please dont make up shi* about any console.

Dick Jones4441d ago

Welcome to fair and balanced Journalism.

Bill Nye4441d ago

To joystiq crippled is equal to no background downloading and no download resuming.

PS3n3604441d ago

The artical is really bashing sony for doing the same thing six months after MS fixed this issue. (which is really simply a free upgrade) Sony had 6 months to copy yet another 360 feature and instead Sony says F you! Crappy is good enough for us. Software is where MS is gonna make sony look old and out of touch. If want a feature all we gotta do is ask and MS will give it to us and usually in the form of a free update which they say we will get twice a year building on an already kick azz console. Look and learn sony or face the music (just not while playing a game cause you cant do that yet)

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