Eurogamer: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "Although it gave good Korea and featured a muted pallette of CNN greys, deep down, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction contained all the geopolitical seriousness you could find in a game of knockdown ginger. And rightly so. A brutal - if basic - ball pond filled with loud things to drive and big things to drive them into, Pandemic's noisome openworld private military disco always knew exactly what it wanted to be: dumb and fun in equal proportion. It's a shame, then, that time moves on - a quick session with the forthcoming sequel, World in Flames, suggests that Mercenaries may struggle to find a place for itself in a post-Crackdown world. It's not that the franchise has an out-of-date agenda, it's just that there are other people around now who have shown how to be a bit cleverer when it comes to the serious business of being stupid.

Not that Mercenaries 2 isn't trying. As narrative justifications for cutting a swathe of semi-righteous destruction goes, getting a cap popped where the sun will, hopefully, never choose to shine, is arguably up there with having your parents gunned down in front of you in a dark alleyway, and World in Flames' knockabout revenge set-up rigs the stall for the cheery carnage of missile launchers and destructible buildings that will inevitably follow. Equally, the shift to a Latin American setting, though undeniably at least registering a solid four on the Geiger Counter of gently troubling racial stereotyping, certainly promises enough sunshine and colourful foliage to wrap any amount of napalm around."

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