Destiny Developer Interview Gamescom 2014 Important Questions Answered


With less than 3 weeks to release, we met up with Bungie’s Lead Multiplayer Designer in Cologne at Gamescom ’14 to talk about what we can expect more from the final game.

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qwerty6761517d ago

oh good. i thought this was the horrible ign one.

Hk85karlsson1517d ago

Once again, a video with sound quality from -95.
I get that GC is a loud event. But there's workarounds for that. Especially important when you know it'll get noisy.

Couldn't watch more than 30 sec. Sorry.

ShowGun9011517d ago

vid wont load... anybody got a list of the main points? LOL work computer sucks, they need to get me an upgrade so i can work harder.

Websters Dictionary
Work Hard: watch youtube videos, participate in video game related discussions online.