XFire Covering 'New' Blizzard Game Release

Eric Brighteyes of alerted all Blizzard fans that Xfire have posted details of their coverage of the upcoming WWI event to be held in Paris later this month. Not that startling in itself but they do mention:

"Get behind the scenes with Xfire during WWI to:
Follow the opening ceremony and discover what NEW game will be announced in our chat rooms together with hundreds of other Blizzard fans"

Slip of the tongue, accidentally or accidentally on purpose or hype generator? You decide.

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Maticus3778d ago

DiabloIII or a Starcraft MMO?

Leord3778d ago

How can you be so sure? =P Do you know something that I don't?

syrinx3778d ago

That is awesome news! Can't wait now!

syrinx3778d ago

If nothing else it will get people talking about Xfire so it's a win win situation.

If the 'new' sentence is removed (probably at Blizzard's request) then it was probably a slip up.

Leord3778d ago

Well, I would be equally giddy about Diablo 3 as "StarCraft Online" in all honesty. I wonder what this "new" game will be, regardless!

darker3778d ago

Betting on Diablo 3... =P

Leord3778d ago

Yeah, I think that sounds like the most plausible thing as well...

Terrice3778d ago

I'd be happy with Diablo III, unless they want to (unlikely) resurrect some of their much older games - Lost Vikings anyone?.

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The story is too old to be commented.