Console digital games are too expensive, here's why Valve has the right idea

But the problem for Sony is that, unlike Valve, it has to keep retail partners happy as well as customers. And retailers know that as downloads get cheaper, customers will stop tolerating the high prices commanded by discs.

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Kivespussi3206d ago

PCs are getting cheaper and cheaper and so does PC games. Console games are costing a little bit more than a few years ago but the occasional PSN sales have been pretty decent lately. Still they have some catching up to do.

Anyway it'll be interesting to see which direction does Sony (and MS) go. On consoles there's no competition so why would they lower the prices? Maybe after this generation when the new consoles roll in most people will have moved on to PCs. Or maybe the consoles will still stay the same as they are now: the simple option for the casual market.

TheBurger293206d ago

By the time next-gen comes around, the gaming pc will be much more affordable than it is today. Thus people will have more of an incentive to try out the world of pc gaming. I suppose only time will tell.

starchild3206d ago

The biggest news out of this for me is the fact that Valve now allows publishers/devs to discount the prices of their games at will without going through a Valve representative.

As the article points out, since devs can now set the prices of their games and do sales whenever they choose this will result in even more competition and lower prices in general.

Cueil3206d ago

Valve doesn't have retail partners to answer to and thus no one to keep them from drastically cutting prices when ever they feel like it

incendy353206d ago

The only real cure to the digital pricing issue is to drop physical copies of disks. Production of physical materials and distribution, plus the cut retailers get drives prices up. Plus it opens the market up for used games and rentals which further drives prices up. And to be honest, outside of a few remote locations there is no need for physical copies of code to be sold.

jdiggitty3206d ago

Retailers don't get a very big cut at all. 3-5%. That's why they push used games so hard. They get 100% of the sale.

Hard copy games are sold in a distribution model to the retailers. Every store in the country who sells games buys them from one of (2 or 3) distribution companies. For the $59 PS4 game you buy, the store paid $55 for it. This is how they control the price.

incendy353206d ago

It all adds up. 3-5% to retailers, cost of shipping, materials to ship, used game market created.. etc.

Xb1ps43206d ago

I have been buying all my games on the xb1 and ps4 this gen but im not going to keep supporting it if they dont start discounting day one digitals. I get they are scared of the retailers but maybe its time they open there own game stores? hell they can even make a presence on the internet or something.. its not like if there isnt money to be made I mean how long have they been trying to think up of ways to get used games sales now? if you want that money its time to step up

XtraTrstrL3206d ago

Yeah, it's pretty corny when I see a next-gen console game on Amazon discounted down to like $20, and the digital version is still $60.

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