Planet Xbox 360: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Xbox 360 has what feels like an inordinate number of First Person Shooters, so each time one gets released it must do quite a bit to deserve gamers' attention. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the next in a long string of FPS titles for the 360 attempting to set the Live world on fire. While it does well to get the flame going, it had a rough time keeping it alive amongst a swirling wind of issues.
The game's main menu gives the illusion of depth that just is not there. Dive in at your own risk. Though it appears as though there are a handful of modes to blast through, your only real options are campaign and Xbox Live. True, there are also quick play and training modes, but they will not chew up more than one-try worth of your time at most. The quick play mode is essentially setting up your own campaign-like mission for off-line play. The training mode is over in under half-an-hour, and is worthless to anyone that has ever played any current-gen FPS before. That only leaves you two options to enjoy."

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