Store employees discuss MMORPG, get emotional

Two videogame store employees discuss recent happenings in an MMORPG - and things get heavy. Customer service declines.

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Splitz3783d ago

How is this news? You can clearly see that the summer has started, no real news at all. Only the MGS4 ones.

Hentai3783d ago

Ditto, this isn't news. Only 2 nerds that never gotten laid before trying to be funny.

dachiefsman3783d ago

welcome to N4G where anything qualifies as the way can i have my 4 minutes back after watching that video?

ThatArtGuy3783d ago

This is material... barely.

Splitz3783d ago

I'm reporting this Big-Boss-time!

Bellic Jr3783d ago

are you serious? you looked at this crap video and said what? Let me single handedly make N4G worse than what it already is?

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