Gamertell Review: Kung Fu Panda for DS

Gamertell has posted a mediocre review of Kung Fu Panda for the DS. From the review:

"On the sunny yang side, when the game is good, it's surprisingly good, taking excellent advantage of the DS's touchscreen. On the darker yin side, when the game is bad, it's really bad and becomes unplayable especially for the young, teen audience the game is aiming for...

For the first 10 minutes of Kung Fu Panda, I was ready to toss the DS cart into a cursed pond for eternity. After than and for a couple hours, I was convinced this was going to be a surprise hit of the year. Unfortunately, annoying moments crept in often enough to ruin the game's feng shui and make its weaknesses glaringly apparent.

If you want to see a well-executed exercise in touchscreen controls, then this is certainly a worthwhile game to try, if only for academic reasons. Otherwise (and especially for pre-teen gamers), wait for it to hit the discount bins. "

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