Moore makes bold claims for EA Sports

Dave Wales: "Peter Moore seems to always be at the front of the lines when it comes to war games within the gaming industry. The man who has done it all with SEGA, Microsoft and now with EA Sports seems to always feel as though there are no boundaries for the plans he's set forth. After the review of the companies annual performances, Moore was kind enough to offer up a few quotes worthy of discussion.

"As any business does, we've been completing our annual performance reviews the past few weeks as well as setting objectives and strategic priorities for the year ahead," Moore wrote on his blog, noting that he'd been thinking about "what it takes to be on top, to stay on top and to constantly be in the crosshairs of the rest of your industry."

While this may sound like standard jargon, Moore eventually went on to discuss the NBA Live franchise on his blog. As most gamers who play sports games, you'll be able to understand the disappointing cloud that overshadows the NBA Live franchise. However, with Moore making a statement such as, "The most ground-breaking feature from our lineup this year..." in regards to the title, it can only make you wonder what's to come."

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rogimusprime3779d ago

I remember how he was ranting off "Devil May Cry 4 is just the beginning"...after it went to xbox...talking all that jazz about MGS4 and final fantasy 13 on xbox.

Then he quit his job.