Gears vs CoD3: Xbox Live Reviews

Xbox Live veterans know that even the greatest of games can be an online failure if the servers are inadequate - the original Live iteration of Call of Duty 2 on Xbox Live was a nightmare until a patch was released that made it one of the 'must play' games on the service.

Gears of War is already one of the biggest and most successful games of the year, but how does it fare on Xbox Live? What about Call of Duty 3 too?

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Capt CHAOS5966d ago

I'll be playing COD3 far more online than GOW.

Das is't fantastik.

Capt CHAOS5966d ago

"However, Gears longevity is sure to be guaranteed by its multiplayer modes t.."
Yeah, wishfull thinking.. what modes?

"However, those who are expecting a revolution in the shooter genre will be slightly disappointed."
Ok, you understand now.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but seriously, no CTF? And other objective modes?

Marriot VP5966d ago

capt, a Gears patch is already being made. Yah I don't like patches but I can't refuse it.

and this game wouldn't work with CTF. Now slayer where you respawn multiple times is something I'd like to see.

Capt CHAOS5966d ago

Anything to get the frenzy level up just a tad :->

FKN Unbelievable5966d ago

Personally i don't like capture the flag.
but i want Would multiple spawn setting at least 5 piece since the games can belong. 8 player option and a Rumble pit,And Random playlist like halo. Believe it or not i have yes to experience any lag on GOW. Maybe a Character movement studder but no lag amazingly.

willymcd5966d ago

you don't need the multiple spawns cause you have multiple rounds in each match. i never feel like i am waiting to long for a round to be over with either. I don't think having multiple lives or spawns would work with the dynamics of the game, but you never know, it may make it even better. frankly GOW is the most fun i have online, better then halo 2 online in my opinion.

One thing that i would like to have changed is how when you are stuck with a grenade and you blow up the guy who stuck you it counts as a suicide to him. I think that once the grenade is stuck in you, you become the weapon and who ever you get close to and dies should count as your kill, and of course the guy who stuck you get a kill to.

FirstknighT5966d ago

I personally love GOW online, but also will be playing alot of Rainbow Vegas! I'm skipping COD3!

Boink5966d ago

CTF wouldn't work with gears at all.

a slayer version would be awesome, with respawns and a race to say 15-20 kills. also a last man standing type of slayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.