The Fanzone: Video Game Podcast 08-22-14

The band is back together in the latest episode of The Fanzone: Video Game Podcast. Dameon makes his return and Magnum has a clean connection for once. The guys hit on a little of everything from PS4 2.00 to gaming journalism or the lack of. The Fanzone is an open podcast for any who wants to come on and talk video games all you need is a mic and an opinion and you have a home. The Show is every Friday starting at 10pm EST so come and tell these guys how wrong they are by clicking on the teamspeak icon (Teamspeak required) to join the show.

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EA Play September Rewards Inbound

EA Play* is offering some great new rewards this September. Top sports games are getting rewards, such as the upcoming EA SPORTS FC™ 24 and the recently released Madden NFL 24.

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Persona 3 Reload ‘Conflicting Fates’ trailer

ATLUS has released the third official trailer for Persona 3 Reload, which is dubbed “Conflicting Fates” and features the return of Strega members Takaya Sakaki, Chidori Yoshino, and Jin Shirato.


Star Ocean The Second Story R Hands-on report: A classic RPG reborn - PlayStation Blog

An epic RPG about a tale of love and courage is reinvented with the latest graphics and brand-new combat mechanics.

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PunksOnN4G3h ago

Would call this a legit remake some parts are longer and connected now its sooo good. Im soo happy they went all out demo was a 10/10!!! Pre-ordered and ready to go!!!!!!!!!

CrimsonWing693h ago

I really love that Square is giving us these amazing classics with trophy support. I hope FF Tactics, Xenogears, and Brave Fencer Musashi get a release. I'd love to have the platinums for them... and please for the love of god Front Mission 4 and 5. If they did that, I'd feel like we'd be complete for Square classics on modern consoles.

DDlizzin1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I really want a platinum for Xenogears.