S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - 4 New Screens

WorthPlaying writes: "A group of stalkers has for the first time reached the very heart of the Zone – Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and brings about a cataclysm on the brink of a catastrophe. An immense blowout of anomalous energy changes the Zone. There are no more reliable and relatively safe roads. The entire levels vanish in the outbursts of anomalies. Stalkers and even expeditions die or end up sealed on the lost territories. New areas, which remained unknown since the time of the Zone emergence, appear on the Zone map. The Zone continues to shake with blowouts. The Zone is unstable. The anomalous activity is at its maximum.

Changes of the Zone map known to stalkers shake the fragile balance of forces in the Zone. Among the groupings, there flare up hostilities for the new territories, artifact fields and spheres of influence. There are no more old enemies or friends – now everyone is for himself. The Factions War has started between the groupings."

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Jonelo3777d ago

The screens are a fake DX 10 screens , from the leaked demo of the E3 2007 - with bloom in game or with photosoft or another program .

not are DX 10 features , DX 10 features are these .,64...

"First of all, those effects are volumetric smoke and dynamic wet surfaces. Still you'll need DX10 class hardware to be able to see all new effects that were added to game at a reasonable frame rate and high resolution.

Smoke was introduced to add more density to our underground levels. It interacts with walls, boxes, trying to get everywhere. It envelopes NPC's walking through it.

Dynamic wet surfaces effect is used to make user believe that it's a real rain, which interacts with everything you can see. Water splashes on the ground, water streaming down the walls, boxes, tanks, everything, dry areas under the roofs. This technique is completely dynamic and it didn't need any level designer work at all.

There's one more nice visual feature, but we are still not sure when it will be released, so it's too tempting to let you guessing what it could be. ".