John McCain's Video Game Platform: Small Blogger Scores Scoop

GamePolitics reports: Congrats to Lori Ingham and her ConChrist blog for scoring Republican presidential candidate John McCain's reaction to the video game violence issue.

Ingham caught up to McCain during a campaign appearance in New Hampshire yesterday. From her blog:

I did get to ask him two questions from the audience. Once I FINALLY got the microphone, I introduced myself, where I lived, and as a segue way into the questions mentioned that I used to be a reporter but now ran this blog. These are somewhat paraphrased from the actual questions I asked him.

Question #1: With the current controversy over video game and media violence, what is your stance on allowing parents to make the decisions for their children on what they can see and watch? (This question was rolling around in my head primarily because of the recent posts that I had on Jack Thompson)

McCain's Answer: He felt that parents should be the ones to decide for their kids on a case by case basis (which I was satisfied with). He then did a weird segueway into the evils of child pornography from there, which kind of had me shaking my head.

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BeaArthur3782d ago

Well, for a old guy he has a pretty liberal stance on video games and that is just fine for me. I don't need politicians regulating what games I can and cannot play; I can make those decisions on my own.