6 Reasons to buy Playstation TV

Gamescom 2014, Sony revealed the release date for the Playstation TV, which is set to release on October 14, 2014. Playstation TV has nice little features that will make every penny you spend on it, be a worth while. And here are some reasons, why you should consider buying Playstation TV...

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C-H-E-F3593d ago

Ehh, I perfer my Vita/ps4/psp games on the Vita. Idk, seems silly for me to have a vita for remote play and buy a PSTV my vita will be useless. so yeah my Walking Dead edition PS Vita will be used instead. But if you don't own a Vita this is def. a steal. Or if you dislike remote play on the Vita def. get it.

ArnoDorian3593d ago

To each of their own Opinion, the PS TV can also be used to play PS4 games, so that is another upside, rather than footing out $400.

C-H-E-F3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Agreed, but with PSNOW coming to Vita this fall ps3 then vita/ps4 roll out it'll be the same cross board.

But for 100$ you can't beat the capabilities of this thing, really great hardware if you don't have a ps4/vita. Actually I recommend this to ANYONE who has a PS4 and NO Vita as well it'll come in handy. I know my Vita does, stupid reality shows lOl.

jujubee883593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I have a VITA. I will be getting a PSTV, and my VITA hh will still see all the uses it does now.

Not sure what you mean.

Rickman3593d ago

You can only play ps4 games if you have a ps4, it acts as an access point, like the vita with remote play. So, you'd still have to shell the $400.

badz1493593d ago

I have had the Vita TV since launch. And it just got updated recently to have the PS4 Link like the Vita. I use to play my PS4 games in other rooms and it's nice but they have to update it so it can use the DS4 quick. Just like how it is lackluster with Vita games compatibility because there are no touch screen and touch panel at the back and camera, it's lacking too with just the DS3 because the absence of touch pad.

ShinMaster3592d ago

There are some Vita games I'd love to play on the big screen, as well as PSP games.

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Vystrel3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I hate remote play on my Vita. Any face paced game and the lack of the L3,R3,R2,L2 buttons make everything cumbersome. However playing Vita/PS4 in another room in my house with a Dualshock 3 or 4 does sound pretty good for $100~$140

iamnsuperman3593d ago

Yer I am solely getting this just to put this device in another room. £85 isn't that bad. I like to put things on in the background when I mark so I am looking for a media box anyway. I might as well spend a bit more for one that can stream my games from my PS4

PSVita3593d ago

You also get Netflix, Hulu etc. it's basically a media center in a little box

Godmars2903593d ago

In all honesty, will likely be getting this before I get a PS4.

jujubee883593d ago

Not sure why people disagree. It's not like he said he'd 'never get a PS4'.

Man, this thing has so many possiblities. Again, the only set back is those stupid memory cards.

Rickman3593d ago

It's not much but it does have 1gb built in, as well. Like the slim vita.

jujubee883593d ago

@rickman: Oh, ya. I totally forgot about that. XD

In that case, it's not so bleak. I remember living off 1GB on my PSP phat for years. (switching homebrew and mp3's in and out.)

SpinalRemains1383593d ago

They disagree because they will not be getting it before PS4.

That wasn't hard.

spacedelete3593d ago

this "i'm not getting a PS4 or i'm i'd rather not but a PS4 right now instead would buy something else" is getting boring now. good for you that you want this instead of a PS4 but no one cares. these cheap ass people its not even that expensive. sell your old console and games and PS4 is very cheap indeed. people waste more money on worthless things in one night. its next gen move on ffs.

Godmars2903593d ago

Didn't say I wanted this instead of a PS4, just that between features and titles, there are PSV I've been wanting to play over PS4 games I'll buy and play once I get the system.

Not a social/competitive gamer, and I'm not the brain dead loyalist many accuse me of. Just as things are just as the Xbox isn't a proper fix for me, doesn't have enough games that are my style and frankly has been a poor consumer choice, imo, the PS4 is not yet up to speed to where PS3 is. Its just more powerful. And as odd as it may sound, that's not enough for me right now.

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incendy353593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

According to the specs http://www.playstation.com/... it is only 720p, I don't think PlayStation fans will want it based on their hate of that resolution.

@jujubee88: I don't think I have ever down voted anything on this site. Did not even know you could.

jujubee883593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

So you're the one who's been downvoting.

Hater. ~_~

lol, mhm. Suuuure.

reko3593d ago


Go play your lame xbox 720p games 😂😃

ArnoDorian3593d ago

It can be 480p, 720p or 1080i. Come on m8 your better than this.

incendy353593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

720p is the best of those three, so yeah. 1080i is not 1080p, it is interlaced, only sends 540 lines, half the detail every 60th of a second, with all the detail sent every 30th of a second. 720p will provide a more consistent picture. Best to just get tech that does 1080p.

Spotie3593d ago

It doesn't matter, because you have no interest. Stop freaking trolling!

Come on, gangsta_red and maniacmayhem. Attack me and ignore this troll on your side, proving your own hypocrisy even as you accuse me of the same.

Smdh. This crap is out of control.

badz1493593d ago


Yeah, because Vita games are 1080p, right? And expecting 1080p from a $99 console is so realistic, right?

KakashiHotake3593d ago

The difference is Xbox One tried to sell a $500 console ( recently $400 ) with games running at 720p. PSTV is $100 streaming games at 720p so theirs a $400/ $300 dollar difference your dismissing. Honestly I still think the Xbox One should be priced at $350.

joeorc3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

exactly 100%

". PSTV is $100 streaming games at 720p"

also not just streaming only, that is also Native resolution upto 1080i!

for $99.00 entry price point, with a main archive of PS1 and playstation 2 games will look pretty d@rn good on such a small Micro-Game console

On games that were made for 540p resolution on less, that is pretty good performance index for a system that cost's a entry price point of $100.00 brand new..with the unity 3D game Engine now open full support on the Playstation Vita chipset, its going to be quite good performance for development code to run at stable frame rates and resolution on such a cheap entry price point console.

out of streaming box system and android based Micro Game console systems Sony will have if not the best system or at least one of the best out there. Hell there is a freaking iPad III GPU in the d@rn thing not only clocked at a Higher clock rate, but it also has 128 MB of dedicated Video Ram to the GPU, the highest ammount of dedicated to a mobile device SOC GPU of any smartdevice chipset currently on the market.

Inception3593d ago

Lol, for a guy who hate playstation console/community, incendy35 sure spend a lot of time on playstation news.

joeorc3593d ago


look again, the resolution can go upto 1080i on the playstation Tv!

AV Output 720p, 1080i, 480p


EVEN WHEN YOU JUST PROVIDED THE LINK; you just could not help yourself.