Wii'll be back! Nintendo promises normalized Wii Fit/Wii supplies soon

Demand for the new fitness game has spurred thousands to buy the Wii, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, told the LA Times today. "We are back to a significant out-of-stock situation on Wii hardware," he said.

But wait -- more are on the way. The Japanese game company recently began ramping up its output of Wii consoles, to 2.4 million units a month from 1.8 million. That's the fourth production increase since the console launched in November 2006. The increased supply is just now starting to trickle into retail pipelines, Fils-Aime said. But the factories won't hum at full capacity until later this summer, he said.

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Product3782d ago

Wow thats crazy that wii fit is a system seller..........hmm in that respect why wasnt mario paint a system seller.

chrstphr5673782d ago

Like Tootsie Pops, The world my never know. LOL. It's properly becuase I see that Wii Fit is be advertised on Opera, Oxegen, and other women shows and you know women are always watching what the eat and always wanna be fit so it makes perfect sence. Unlike mario, He's more aimed at video games.

Kaneda3782d ago

Repackage old tech and sell it as new tech products! I used to like Nintendo.. but now I hate them!!!

Denzelio3781d ago

Nintendo obviously conceding defeat and trying to co-verting advise their stockholders that the fad console selling will soon end and slow down to normal levels.

ICUP3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )


They know the Wii gimmick won't last.

Coke-a-Cola3781d ago

To See all the advertising aimed at Human Vanity...............

Of course Wii fit will do well, along with the Butt-be-Firmers ....... Breast enlargers .......and Thigh Masters.

It is a smart CASH move by Nintendo but as a gamer ........I am loosing interest at the speed of Light. .