Review: Belkin Speedpad n52te

Globe & Mail reviews Belkin's WASD peripheral.

"PC gamers tend to get bent out of shape whenever someone starts criticizing their beloved keyboard and mouse control scheme. I'll grant that in many situations-real-time strategy games and first-person shooters-a mouse can prove quicker and more accurate than a traditional controller's analog thumbsticks. But the keyboard? It's a device designed for text input that pulls double duty as a gaming interface, providing no ergonomic relief for long gaming sessions and acting as a non-intuitive barrier to entry for players who might otherwise be tempted by the PC gaming scene.

Enter Belkin's $70 Speedpad n52te, which was designed in part by notable gaming hardware maker Razer. I've spent a couple of weeks putting this sleek and glowing keyboard replacement to the test with games like Age of Conan, Crysis, and Civilization IV, and my left hand, fingers, and wrist, which usually ache with pain after any length of play, thanked me for it."

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