In-Game Advertising: Yet Another Insult To Consumers

Is it a nifty way to add reality to the gaming experience, or just another way for evil capitalists to make obscene profits off the backs of the downtrodden masses?
Jim Bray goes off on one, building a near-rant around the fact PS3 is near the point of feeding Ad's into it's games.
He quotes..
"The PS3 platform is primed to leverage the high growth potential of the in-game advertising market," said Phil Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, (Sony Computer Entertainment America). "Ads that are organic to the environment not only benefit developers and advertisers, but also create a richer experience for gamers."
Insult or enrichment?
Paradise City already has brand carrying trucks in its game is Jim a bit late with this one?

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BeaArthur3781d ago

I find his comment about enriching the game experience for the gamers insulting. In game advertisements don't bother me though. It's the next natural step in advertising through this media outlet and it actually does in some cases make the game feel more realistic.

kosha3781d ago

As long a they put it in properly. Things like billborads for pepsi whould look good in say gta4 but not something like Assasins creed or err loco roco

Raoh3781d ago

i do I.T. support for a magazine and its website. you cant sell those two with out ads. it pays the bills. without ads there is no marketing money without marketing money there is no budget.. so on and so on.

we are at an age where we delete and skip commercials.. so in game ads are almost a necessity...

i just hope its done subtly and with taste..

the billboard ads in burnout paradise were great, i loved seeing the VIZIO brand television billboard in the game while i played burnout on my VIZIO television..

its a shame pepsi or coca cola didnt jump at the chance to be the drink of choice in metal gear solid 4 instead of a made up drink like narc

at the end of the day ads bring in revenue, revenue gives to a larger budget and staff that will at the end give us better games.

these companies aren't in business cause they love us, they are there to make money. cant blame them for wanting to show us an ad here and there.