Super Smash Bros Will Lift Wii U Sales Says Ubisoft’s Alain Corre

Alain Corre talks to GamesIndustry on Super Smash Bros lifting the Wii U sales. I took my opinion on what he said.

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randomass1713205d ago

Heck yeah. It's arguably a bigger, badder, better game than Mario Kart. It's still my number one reason for wanting my Wii U. :)

Neonridr3205d ago

agreed it should definitely help move some more consoles. As long as they get a good steady stream of quality titles, people are going to want to buy the console.

randomass1713205d ago

I've almost got enough for the white PS4. Even if all I get for Wii U is exclusives ever few months I think I'll be fine. I do hope Nintendo is able to get more content out to fans though.

Neonridr3205d ago

I've got my PS4 for the Sony exclusives and 3rd party games and my Wii U for the Nintendo exclusives and indie games.

I'm all set for this gen.

LOL_WUT3205d ago

Buying Smash day 1 I wish it hadn't been delayed but if it needs more polishing then so be it. I'm sure the sales would surpass those of MK8 ;)

Chrischi19883204d ago

I dont get Ubi, after they stopped the support they come by daily to talk about the Wii U and what they think and what not, they lost their position to do that.

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JuleyJules3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

It will certainly be a huge game this holiday season. Nintendo should release a Smash Bros/Amiibo bundle for Wii U as it will sell in huge numbers. On a side note a Bayonetta bundle might also work to get fans of the first game to buy Wii U to play the 2nd one which looks fantastic the more they show at various events.

weekev153205d ago

Well isnt that nice of Ubisoft to say so....if it does do "magical things" for the install base does this mean youll bring the "mature" games back? Thought not :(

Venoxn4g3204d ago

interesting how will they do with Watchdogs Wii U

SuperBlur3205d ago

Oh man, that's some shocking prediction !!


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