Psychologist Labels Videogames 'A Danger to Girls'

Ripten writes:

"A psychology professor from Pittsburgh is leading a symposium this weekend about the "Sexualization of Children". Among her concerns are the dangers posed to girls by, of all things, videogames.

What's so dangerous about videogames, and why specifically are they a danger to girls? Apparently it's because boys are a danger to girls. The professor, Sharna Olfman, groups videogames with online porn and claims that boys are taught by this media that women exist solely for their pleasure. According to her, videogames and porn are "an unfortunate growing mechanism by which boys learn about sex".

To be honest, she's right. Most things I know about women and sex I learned from videogames and porn. I learned that delivering pizza or unclogging a toilet will get me laid, as will selecting the right multiple choice answers from a dialogue tree. I also learned that women are better snipers and are just as capable as men at kicking ass… wait, those things are actually true!"

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Twizlex3778d ago

That bee-otch is crazy!

Syko3778d ago

Hmmmm, No Porn or Video Games. This ladies utopia sounds like my seventh layer of hell...