Video Games Causing Motion Sickness: What to Do

Loot Ninja writes:

"Like some of you out there, I suffer from motion sickness, which a lot of times doesn't go well with my desired profession. Fast paced shooters and other first person titles are usually the culprit, but sometimes there's a few other titles that have a major effect."

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fiercescuba3782d ago

maybe you should stick to calmer things like playing the piano.

BeaArthur3782d ago

haha. If you are getting motion sickness maybe you just weren't cut out to play certain games.

ry-guy3782d ago

Half-life and the Unreal games are what make me really motion sick.

drunkpandas3782d ago

I never really had a problem with Half Life 2 on PC. Unreal games on PC have usually messed me up, but the Xbox version (original that came out when Live launched) and UT3 on PS3 both are good for me. No motion sickness there.

Kaneda3782d ago

I got sick first part of COD 4 single campaign.. when you have to search in the house.. but I have no problem online.. open space is nice...

Maybe you should try camping on FPS.. :)

drunkpandas3782d ago

The only part of the CoD4 single player that got to me was in the very beginning when you're running out of the sinking ship. As the boat is turning further and further sideways, I got a bit iffy. Thankfully it didn't last very long

trancefreak3782d ago

haze did it to me with the camera sway. luckily i was able to turn it off.

IdleLeeSiuLung3782d ago

The article is spot on for me, framerate and camera issues are the two culprits. Most of the times I can play hours upon hours without problem though. Probably shouldn't though, being a responsible adult and all.

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