MGS 4: Will The Game Sell 1M Copies?

Game Focus writes: "A couple of months back, Kojima Productions associate producer Ryan Payton affirmed that in order to label Metal Gear Solid 4 a "success", the game would have to sell 1 million copies on its first day of sales."

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anh_duong3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

of course it will..

300 + 50(bundle) japan

400 + 50(bundle) europe

500 + 100(bundle) us

approx 1.4mio

i will go for at least 1.4mio FIRST DAY SALES

according to sony the attachment rate for gta was 32%. So if you assume mgs to be at least as succesful then 4/5 mio copies of mgs will be sold in the next 2 months. a year end sales total should be around 6/7mio.

v1c1ous3779d ago

urrrr...shooting a little high.

i predict 4-5 mill lifetime sales at most

morganfell3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

4-5 million is too low. PS3 exclusives sell 45% better than multiplatform games on the PS3. Anyone that says 4-5 million hasn't played the game. This is a must own FOR EVERY PERSON THAT SAYS THEY ARE A GAMER. The achievements in gameplay, design, presentation, writing and such are landmarks that will stand for decades. This game will draw the numbers. When you consider by Christmas the number of PS3 owners then you can see MGS4 will hit that figure.

theKiller3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

300,000 copies and 300,000 bundle in japan!! 170,000 limited edition and 130,000 normal edition! and we still dont know about konami MGS4 edition total at least 600,000!!

and in USA and europe, the sale will probably be like 600,000 copies and 300,000 in bundles in europe and USA total 1.8 million copy

so if u add all that up with the bundles it will be 2.4 million copies sold day one including all bundles!!

2,400,000 copies for snaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkeeeee DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

CrazzyMan3779d ago

you say only 4-5 mln.? =))

MGS4 is ANOTHER level of GAMING. It could easy sell 7-10 mln. LTD.

ukilnme3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

@ morganfell

I agree with you mostly. I bought my copy yesterday so I did my part and I have never played a MGS game.

Where I disagree is with the statement that: "This is a must own FOR EVERY PERSON THAT SAYS THEY ARE A GAMER". Gamers don't always share the same taste.

anh_duong3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

4-5 is not high because EVEN gta on THE PS3 has an attached rate of 32%. So if gta had a global release then 13mio * 0.32 = 4 mio copies of gta sold. you would expect mgs to better this.

bear in mind that mgs is only a 15 year old rated game (as opposed to gta 4 which is rated 18 - narrower audience), it's an exclusive (which means it will have a higher attached rate than 0.32%) and also it will be bundled with a hugely in demand 80gb ps3 version.

4/5mio in 2 months is what i get using a 0.32%/0.4% attach rate on approx 13mio consoles

btw: the 80gb ps3 bundles are practically non-existant (all sold out). They are sold out on, walmart and SOny released a huge number of these 80gb bundles - they did practically no marketing for them because they knew it would sell out. This is where i got 100k for my bundles from (include silver bundles in that list too).

Metal Gear Solid3779d ago

3-4 million sales is not going to happen. There is a reason MGS3 did less than half the sales of MGS2. It is because most people that played it thought Sex and the City had a far better story and they wanted to PLAY a game. MGS4 is not a game it is a movie.

xhairs3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

First your name is a hoax. Second, it's not a movie it's a story line -- get it right.

You're an idiot for saying 3 sold less than 2 because of movies. If you play the games the way they're meant to be played, 3 was set before 1 & 2, meaning it's basically a story and you're learning, quite like Star Wars, 1/2 came out after the rest, did that mean it was bad? No.

MGS 3 just wasn't as popular plain and simple, however MGS 4 is setting the standard plain and simple.

2nd -- just because it has long movie scenes doesn't mean it's a movie. Look at most games out today, they can all be beaten in 5 - 6 hours. At least MGS 4 provides you with the same amount of game play + more. If anything we should be screaming at Halo/Heavenly Sword/CoD4 etc etc for not putting in the hours of gameplay comparable by MGS 4's gameplay + hours of movies.

Sex & The City? C'mon even my grandma knows better than to associate some menopausal old ladies with a game for today's generation.

FredFredrickson3779d ago

I just don't think the game will hit anywhere near the numbers GTA did... but we shall see.

morganfell3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )


Gamers do not always share the same tastes, agreed. But this game is truly an entire other level of gaming. It is like being someone that loves movies, not just a 1 genre of movies. They can watch any great film be it drama, action, sci-fi, horror, what have you and appreciate that film while applauding the talent that made the movie. Her it is no different. This game touches so many different planes.

I genuinely feel sorry for young people that play this game because they cannot appreciate much of the more esoteric points, and questions this game raises until you reach a certain point in life. I don't mean that as a point of snobbery, please do not look at it in such a manner.

All gamers can be amazed and love this title but there are elements in this game that people will only grasp having reached a certainly level of maturity - not age - maturity. And as well there are other matters that will not fully impact a gamer until age does become a factor and they understand better the nature of their own mortality.

socomnick3779d ago

Lol best game of the century gtfo. Its a pretty good game. Controls need a major overhaul I dont particularly like the method of switching to fps view. The cqc acts funny not that effective to use I preferred pressing square to break necks. This game deserved a 9 its very good but fails in one of the most important things in games The controls. Also why does this game feel like Assassins Creed with guns.

-Maverick-3779d ago


Kleptic3779d ago

MGS4, whether it is to your 'taste' or not, is significant for many other reasons...

I find the gameplay near perfect...I like how scalable it is, in that certain situations call for certain actions from Snake...I like the switch to fp, and especially how you can move freely now...the cqc is as good as ever, and the hold ups work flawlessly...

the only thing that can get a bit confusing is the cover mechanic...but it is not a forced mechanic, in most cases you only need to use it to peek around cover or to change the octocam...

but all that aside...It absolutely 100% is the visual/audio pinnacle of a console game right now...the opening sequence with the bipedals is absolutely stunning...the texture work is near flawless...and the lighting is currently second to none...

it also sets the bar in terms of production really feels like a playable big budget movie...Bioshock and Uncharted achieved a similar feat last year imo, but not even close to this...this is so much bigger, longer, and more complex that its absolutely in a league of its own...

'Gamer' or not...the game, and the team behind it, deserve the utmost respect from can not like the can not like the cutscene can not like the game...but saying that its anything south of near perfection in visuals and production values immediately discredits you beyond recognition...the gameplay is perfect for fans of the previous games...which I know is not for everyone...but the target audience was those who enjoyed the series for years...which makes it perfect for me...

Fallen_Angel3779d ago

The game is not gta it never has been. GTA is a mass market game and MGS is a nich game. It be doin really good to sell 3 million

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Delriach3779d ago

O_o. Didn't Ryan Payton specifically address that statement and correct it almost as soon as people started putting it on news sites?


jkhan3779d ago

Yeah I think I remember Ryan Payton clarified his statement and said MGS4 doesn't need to sell one million on day 1 to cover the development cost. Anyways from the looks of things, it may very well have done that:D

crazy250003779d ago

They don't need to pay reviewers or analysts to promote this game. The quality of the game speaks for itself.

theKiller3779d ago

sorry but it already did in the first day!!! i think if we include bundles it will sell 2,000,000 day one!!

Veryangryxbot3779d ago

But not selling 1 million does not mean that the game will be a failure or that they somehow cant recoup their losses.

It makes no difference to Konami whether the game will sell 1 million in its first day or on day 7. Money is money.

That being said, the game is set to break some xbot faces.

highdro3779d ago

if it does not sell up to 1 000 000 it will come close to it, after seeing the sales for japan >>> 300 000, then i doubt it will not find it hard to sell 1 000 000. and rember that is not bundle included.

-Maverick-3779d ago

Its so obvious that it sold a million its first day.

himdeel3779d ago

Best game I've ever played and I've been a gamer since Atari 2600 so I'm truly a n00b gamer...I haven't even played a Colecovision =(

It's an exciting gaming experience.

iNcRiMiNaTi3779d ago

if you've been playing since the atari2600 why would u consider urself a n00b gamer? do u even know what n00b stands for? :p

nice to hear that mgs is epic tho. i had no doubts about this game

Drekken3779d ago

no, its called sarcasm

Drekken3779d ago

YAY! I always wanted to win something!!! ummm, what did I win? lol

himdeel3779d ago

...but this game will sale 1.5 million. To stay on topic.

TechWiz3779d ago

Here's another bubble for Drekken.

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