Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in-game TV

Three videos from the in-game TV. David Hayter, the voice behind Snake. Enjoy

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jkhan3781d ago

Sony should really push advertisements for MGS4. I saw a few boards on trams and train stations, but nothing as big as GTA 4 had. I am in Australia by the way.

acetw1n3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

answer these questions
1 What happened to the big intro produced by logan studio?
(I thought it was suposed to be the most exspense intro ever produced for a game. Did I miss something?)
2 Where's the joke about the Xbox that otocon makes everyone was talking about.
3 Is there any sixaxis use at all .
4. What's the big plot twist(dont answer that)
5. Where are al those ads for the pmc's ?.Ive only seen one.
6. I can't get the Ipod to play music from my hdd.
7. Where's that 90min cut scene?(I would like to see it)

I'm not complianing ,but I feel like it should be more, of corse I'm only on Act 3 and Im nine hours into the game, some one tell me is there a big surprise around the corner or what?

Blademask3780d ago

1. Dunno
2. Later in the game
3. Dunno
4. Its all inside of snakes head. Hes crazy like in Beautiful Mind.*
5. Before the game loads, flip through the channels with up and down arrows.
6. No one can. Speculation is that the new Firmware update was supposed to be out by now, and thats what it needs.
7. There is no literal 90 minute cut scene. Haters were lying.

I'm overwhelmed with this game. Its the most complete title i've played in the past 3 years. Great innovations, Great Story, and Great gameplay, and the Visuals are the best out right now. This game is a masterpiece Sorry if you were expecting more, but Kojima isn't Jesus.


* I dont think thats the twist. I just made that up.

Mainman3780d ago

1. I saw the Praying Mantis commercial at the begining. But havent seen the other one's.

2. That Joke wasnt about the X360, but it was about MGS1 for the PS1.

3. Sixaxis is used to disable the currently in use camouflage, so it becomes the standard color again. You can also do this during cut scene's. You have to shake to controller.
Sixaxis is also used when you are in the garbage bin, you can look up with it, by tilting the contoller. Those are the only functions of the sixaxis I could find. I am only at Act 2, btw.

The Ipod currently can't play music from the HDD, I think we have to wait for firmware 2.4.