Crisis Core 'biggest PSP release of 2008'

MCV: The publisher of new Final Fantasy title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has claimed that the title is the biggest release on PSP this year.

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jkhan3806d ago

No actually God of War COO was the biggest release of 2008.:P

fork3806d ago

I hate all rpg that arnt turnbased ok most

FF started to go rotten when it ent with sony

Then it lost it completely after it stopped being turnbased. I knew somethign was wrong when FFXI was released1111111111

v1c1ous3806d ago

ff12' battles system was good. it was fresh, and although you had to do little, was very well designed.

so what if the story was one of the most boring/dull of all FFs? so what if outside of Balthier, all characters were dry and forgetful (penelo who?)? so what if the license system was a watered-down ff10 sphere grid system that looked like squeenix forgot about till the last few months of development and unfortunately had to release the game before all the kinks were worked out?

fork3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

this that american like gameplay mainly

yeh i like gameplay but i also love story now. I used to hate anime but my friend gave me some crap andi t was pretty good11111 so i think story is important

The anime my friend gave me has some really good story and i only watched it becuase he said people who like jrpgs will like anime

I still kinda hate anime though. Its not american thats why

Vespertine3806d ago

Yeah I gave up on FF a while ago, they removed turn-base from it and now it's so.. idk.. it's not the same.

That's why I love Lost Odyssey so much. The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery aren't turn based either, I'm hoping Star Ocean 4 will be turn based but since Square Enix is involved, I highly doubt it. That will be out in 2009, I doubt I can wait that long.

We need more turn-based RPG/JRPG's.

EDIT: Sorry this isn't in the Open Zone, I kinda took this way off topic.

wyvernsmasher3806d ago

... should i get it?

so far monster hunter freedom 2 is the biggest game on my psp (and i doubt that crisis core will be as big to me) but i neeed some more games

Mr.Mister3806d ago

wtf you level up randomly
you re doing limite break randomly
i hate this game go ge it if you want but that my opinion

PS360WII3806d ago

Well I do believe Crisis Core is the main reason the PSP is selling so much now. I mean Monster Hunter 1, 2, and 2G have sold well for it but they didn't increase the hardware sales for the most part.

Crisis Core is a decent RPG but besides story they made a game for FF7 fans that is nothing like FF7 :( fumble in my eyes specially when they make everything go by a random turn of the wheel and you can't even pick when the wheel does its thing.

Coheno3806d ago

Are you serious?! Monster Hunter 2G, which was released only in Japan, is the biggest PSP title of 2008, with 2,3 mio copies! And it has moved SOO much hardware in Japan that they sold more PSP's then DS and Wii's combined.... And it is still selling very good.

PS360WII3806d ago

I am serious. Look at hardware sales before CC then look at them after. Monster Hunter didn't do that it was all the new Final Fantasy.

Coheno3806d ago

No doubt that FFVII:CC moved a lot of hardware, but you're saying Monster Hunter 2G didn't move any... But that game is redicolusly poular over there, and i remember that there was a lot of news about it moving A LOT of hardware!

PS360WII3806d ago

Oh okay I see yeah I'm not denying Monster Hunter moved hardware I'm just saying it seems that Crisis Core is the main culprit in this spur of sales.

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chrstphr5673806d ago

This is of no suprise to me. Either your playing Crisis Core, God Of War, or monster hunter since there are not a lot of triple A titles released so far in 2008. That is untill they release Kingdom Hearts.

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