Kojima Reveals The Hidden Message In P.T. That Fans Couldn't Find

NowGamer: "The Silent Hills teaser is packed with mysteries that fans are still having trouble wrapping their petrified little heads around, but at least there's one enigma that has been cleared up."

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vishmarx3139d ago

on a side note, did anyone else squeal at that moment in the tumbnail?

Acquiescence3139d ago

I never encountered it during my playthrough. And boy am I glad I didn't.

Neixus3139d ago

You probably did, but didn't look close enough.

Remember when the glass / window falls down? That's when you look up on the balcony

Ultraplayerxp3139d ago

Yeah, and I am SO glad I didn't look up.

mogwaii3139d ago

Neither did i but its one of the most freaky of all the images ive seen of the game.

medman3139d ago

I can only hope Silent Hills is packed with terror and true's been awhile since I've played some truly fantastic horror.


Read that at least FIVE times !

LOL_WUT3139d ago

Man when the radio hints to look behind you that was a terryfying ;)

Reefskye3139d ago

I didn't see it first time I played it, when I restarted game with new save I looked up each time I went round to see if she was there.

ThanatosDMC3139d ago

Yeah, never saw it in mine either. Dont know how to it to appear there.

nosferatuzodd3139d ago

damn i mist this I'm going to play this again

Azmatik3139d ago

I actually found this, I heard someone walking upstairs I followed the footsteps, looked up, and that's how I beat the game.

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wheatley3139d ago

When did this happen? It completely passed me by...


[SPOILER] (does demos need spoiler tags? oh well...)

It's pretty early on the loops... There's a moment you hear (or even see if facing the right direction) a piece of glass shatter on the main hall (by the door that supposedly leads out). If you go to the hall and look up, the ghost is there for a moment.


The thing is, that corner is so dark that many look up and she goes away before they can even notice she's there. You could turn up the gamma or brightness on the TV to see better, but that would ruin the mood of the rest of P.T.

Well ballanced (dark) image settings on your TV, along with a good headset, are what really make this game scary and tense. Playing alone in the dark just adds iceing on the terrifying cake.

cr33ping_death3139d ago

I completely missed her. I looked up after the falling glass but i didn't see her. My gf saw her. Im surprised she didn't scream like the time the ghost got her :)

harrisk9543139d ago

Crap... missed it in the game, but that thumbnail made me jump! I probably would have crapped my pants at that point -- came close a few times!

uth113139d ago

I didn't squeal right at that moment, but after staring at the figure for a couple of seconds, she backs up into the darkness. My reaction then was "oh shit, she could be coming downstairs to get me!" :)

garos823139d ago

i didn't come across crazy b**ch in my playthrough on the balcony but i did see someone else on their Let's Play. It gave me a crazy jump.

Come to think about it i think i ran soon as the glass shattered like the chicken foetus that i am!

DanteVFenris6663139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Me too the glass shattered I'm like oh shit, doors open keep on walking don't look. Pretend it didn't happen

aLucidMind3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

EDIT: [Whoops, posted on the wrong story]

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TomahawkX3139d ago

ok thanks for the week old news

RebelWAC3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Hey man! Players like me that doesn't use the Internet to solve things exists! but in this case I'm too much of a p***y.

I officially gave up after finding three pieces of a picture and accidently peeked into the bathroom trying to open the door... And yeah I found out that I scream like a girl.

TomahawkX3139d ago

this article talks about the hidden meaning behind the fake studio name 7780 which Kojima revealed during the live gamescom event with Keighley a week ago. The article even gets the facts wrong because 7780 isn't a postal code but the square meter area of the quiet hills region in Japan.

Soldierone3139d ago

I don't understand why you got so many disagrees. Perhaps nobody pays attention to GamesCom because I remember him stating this there too lol

TomahawkX3139d ago

I don't know either, I come to this site for the latest news but when I see crap articles like this with misleading titles I gotta say something. I clicked on the link thinking it was actually a secret in the game, so disappointed.

Kivespussi3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Sooo many disagrees. But you're right. He already revealed it AND on top of it, it's not a postal code but like you said a square miles of the area.

Oh boy, "videogame journalism"

NicSage3139d ago

I could not finish the demo... I'm such a pussy.

Orbilator3139d ago

The last time I felt like this playing a game was the first time in doom 3 were the monster came out of the tunnel.
Doom 3 had awesome audio which really over loaded your senses and so does p.t.

bloodybutcher3139d ago

C'mon, give it a try again. I did quit two times, but finished it in a third sitting, headphones, late night, lights out and all:-)

GW2123139d ago

Haha, I quit twice as well. Same thing, lights off and headphones on. I'll try again tonight. I'm basically at the end I think (red corridor).

ipach3139d ago

word. i mean, i know it's a game. i know it's just sounds and pictures. but dammit. why subject myself to this?? all this dirty depends???

SteamPowered3139d ago

Did anyone else read kojimas twitter post about buying weed off Troy baker? It's worth a looksie.

Rockefellow3139d ago

The one from January? That's older news thanks this P.T. "secret."

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