OXM: 50 Cent will be the 'Burnout' of FPS games

50 Cent: Blood In The Sand game director Julian Waddows says he wants his game to do for shooters what Burnout did for racers.

And the way he wants to do that is my exaggerating what is there. "We wanted to do for the shooter genre what Burnout did for racers," he says in an interview with Xbox World. "What Diablo did for RPGs. We wanted to take all that makes the genre fun and exaggerate it."

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Vip3r3778d ago

Black seems more like the "burnout" of FPS games considering the same company made it.

NeonSkull3778d ago

Thats what I was going to say.

Doppy3778d ago

I've never played Black is it a good game.

highdro3778d ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah> ;>>>>>>> this post just made me laugh, blood in the next big shooter !!! give me a break, the first one made me puke blood, this is obviously jus gonna be like a movie game, they are just gonna make a game that and expect the fans to by it, ...well check gaming is different from music we gamers by qulatiy games, do not think we are girls that by 50 cent things because of hes body hahahahahahaha

THAMMER13778d ago

Gears of war is the burn out of shooters. I would like to see if 50 could have a game developed that gets all gamers attention.

Baka-akaB3778d ago

Even if the game was to be good , you destroyed most chances of me getting it or playing it by associating it with 50 cent ...

I do not care for him and dont feel like paying for such a bid Ad ...

kosha3778d ago

Agreed i dont care how good the game is the guy would just keep getting on my nerves

faisdotal3778d ago

So you wouldn't buy the most amazing game ever made just cause 50 is innit?

Talk about hate.....

kosha3777d ago

look is not gonna be the best game ever is it really. If its better than mgs4 and gta4 and all those games i might buy it

BeaArthur3778d ago

Maybe he should be focused on not making a half broken game like the last one appeared to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.