COD5 has to "redefine WWII genre"

CVG: World at War needs to stun or it could damage the franchise says senior producer.

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Altis13780d ago

Here is how you can refine it, set it some where else besides WWII.

sonarus3780d ago

I don't think WWII needs anymore redefining.

BeaArthur3780d ago

Agreed, enough WW2 games already. I will still be playing Call of Duty 4 long after Call of Duty 5 releases.

Tomdc3780d ago

none of you have any idea of how good it might be, don't be so quick to judge

TheExecutive3780d ago

you can redefine a dead horse as many ways as you want. It is still a dead horse.

Mikelarry3780d ago

have said it better. i think they need to stop doing this kind of games for awhile. this is just me but i dont see cod5 doing well. what attracted alot of new ppl like myself to the franchise was because they moved from ww2 story line to something modern that alot of us can relate to (wars happening now). oh well i shall take my business somewhere else cod5 is NOT getting my money

ASSASSYN 36o3780d ago

See you all in COD 4 for another year!

Ray1863780d ago

I can see it now. Where have all of our sales gone?

Ninja-Sama3780d ago

its been "redefined" way too many times already.

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The story is too old to be commented.