Cancelled Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Games Surface

Junkie Monkeys: We’ve recently stumbled across something interesting for all of you Crash and Spyro fans out there. If what we found is true, it spells more disappointment for both the Crash and Spyro franchise.

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DarkOcelet3565d ago

Damn you activision for destroying my two beloved franchises , i hope sony take them back soon . That art style looks amazing and crash looks awesome , we need crash bandicoot 4.

Relientk773565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I hope Sony get's them back, and we see them on PS4

KendrickLamar3565d ago

^ This.
Scumbag Activision needs to let go of these franchises.

Why did Sony even sell them again?

XiMasterChief3565d ago

Sony never owned the franchises first of all.

TenkoTAiLS3565d ago

@ DarkOcelet, Relientk77 and KendrickLamar

If by back you mean on Sony platforms (or any platform at this rate) then I totally agree.

But for the sake of accuracy, Sony NEVER owned Crash or Spyro. They never "sold" them to anyone as they didn't own them in the first place. Pop in your Spyro or Crash original PS1 discs, first name that pops up after the Sony boot sceen is Universal Interactive Productions, the games were only used under licence by Sony. Universal became Vivendi Interactive and then were purchased by Activision-Blizzard a while back. Crash and Spyro have always been owned by Universal, and now Activision via buyout, so they can't "give back" something as they are the rightful owners of both franchises and always have been.

Man I would love to see Sony make an offer and buy them tho. Too many old console mascots dissapearing in the last few years for my liking :(

Daniel_Potter3565d ago

That won't happen until we stop buying COD every year.


Oh don't worry, you see Crash in time... Activision gotta keep using that IP in order to never loose rights over it, they renewed the rights in 2011, but they gotta USE the IP 'till 2021... Only thing is, god knows in what distorted way Crash will come back, being this Activision, I fully expect some lame phone quiz game with Crash that they can put together in 2 weeks, only to secure the ownership.

sonic9893565d ago

my theory is to answer this new revelation , is that after sony bought crash ( yeah i still believe that sony bought crash ) they saw what they had in development for it then after sometime they decided to cancel it because it didnt live up to their expectations now if you noticed he didnt day activision and he said an indie company which makes me think that crash was handed to an external studio but suddenly a change in plan was due to happen , who is really responsible here we dont know

AngelicIceDiamond3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Its a shame to see two icons get treated this way after years of great entertainment. Aww the golden era of gaming. Mainly because it was so, SO much simpler.

Thanks allot Acti. COD is the only thing these guys care about they're not what you consider a creative publishing company.

If they were creative they would do a proper Spyro (no shade to the newer generation Spyro) and a brand new AAA Crash. A remastered collection I mean come on something.

I said it once before all Acti does is cancel projects all for COD.

They even absorbed Neversoft a legendary company behind Tony Hawk. Here's hoping they make another Tony Hawk game. Awww that's right they're COD guys now...

Long rant but RIP to Crash. And Spyro, keep doing your thing for the newer gen kids I guess but they'll never how you truly were.

guitarded773565d ago

Crash and Spyro: Modern Warfare 18. I called it first.

breakpad3565d ago

basically this is good news..maybe the franchises were bought by someone else (sony) and start a new developement in other studio .....If Sony announce an exclusive first-party made Crash bandicoot which seems very likely it will be in development for sure for over 2 years (like other first pary projects ...the dates matching ...also the artwork isnt so fitting for the games so its good they stopped this specific artist from the project

donthate3565d ago

This is good news for fans of these games, because at least they tried to revive it, and now with the renewed interrests, they might try again!

bouzebbal3565d ago

Sony never owned these franchises, they were exclusive to PSone but published by Universal Studios at that time which was working closely with Sony.
Naughty Dog and Insomniac were parts of these Universal Studios and they decided to get bags of cash by selling them to Activision scum bags.

it is a pity to see these franchises disappear. Sony has been promising and asking us about the franchises we want to see return and nothing happened since.

gfk3423565d ago

I feel that Crash and Spyro could have been extremely suitable for PS VITA.

I feel very bad for these two franchises dying slowly.

Ironically, I played the entire Crash series (including CTR) and Spyro 2: Rypto's Rage about 2 moths ago (paid $0.99 for each game). It was bless and a good change from the current IPs.

AndrewLB3565d ago

"Oh don't worry, you see Crash in time... Activision gotta keep using that IP in order to never loose rights over it, they renewed the rights in 2011, but they gotta USE the IP 'till 2021.."

BishopBrazil- Did you just make this up or are you repeating a completely uninformed post from someone else?

An IP owned by Activision or any other developer, does not have to be renewed nor does it expire. It's their intellectual property and is protected under copyright law by the simple act of creating it. The only way someone else can make a game based on a franchise they don't own is by licensing the rights from the owner directly. Even when companies go bankrupt, these franchises go up for auction or are sold to a prospective buyer through chapter 11 reorganization where a judge sells off assets in order to make creditors as whole as possible.

Perhaps you were confusing ownership with trademark registration? Trademarks require renewal but when they expire, the game is still completely owned by the developer.

MuhammadJA3565d ago

Sorry to disappoint you, but games like Crash or Spyro won't sell well in this gen. The gen of shooters and realistic resolutions.

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I_am_Batman3565d ago

I think Activision might consider selling Crash back to Sony. I highly doubt that Sony has a chance of getting Spyro back though. Activision is making tons of money with Skylanders.

Treezy5043565d ago

Remember Sony never owned Crash, so it would be the first time the company would own the rights to the IP if a deal were to occur. Universal owned rights to both Crash and Spyro and that's why they were sold to Activision. I'm pretty sure if Sony had the rights they would never have even dreamed of parting with both Crash and Spyro.

JackOfAllBlades3565d ago

Make a deal with Activision and let them use Spyro in Skylanders. Make new Spyro games for PS4, Skylander kids want, get PS4, win win win $$$. No?

ScorpiusX3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

They can generate tons of cash on all platforms and They know that, so put them dreams away.

WeAreLegion3565d ago

Spyro is no longer part of Skylanders. They don't need him to sell the franchise.

-Foxtrot3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

However Activison isn't making money from Skylanders because of Spyro, he was just a gimmick, an old school gaming figure to get the franchise started. Using an old successful brand to market another.

Skylanders has become so big (god knows why) without Spyro so they could sell him to Sony. They don't need him anymore

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ScorpiusX3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

They'll see them when Activision stops liking money and seeing how they love money . That's a big no , but fear not everyone will see those games cause their a Multi platform publishers.

Thefreeman0123565d ago

The art direction got me right in the childhood ... I need a good ol fashion crash and spyro platformer to breakup the monotonous fps of these days

wsoutlaw873565d ago

there have been plenty good platformers and games other than fpss. They are just smaller titles and people right them off as indies.

700p3565d ago

I loved playing these games during the ps1/ps2 era.

HonestDragon3565d ago

It's not right I tell ya. I loved those franchises and Activision pulverized them into the ground. Crash is practically nonexistent and Spyro is just an accessory in Skylanders. I will always remember them in their golden days back when they first debuted.


hiredhelp3565d ago

Well i took one thing from this if found to be true Activision knows nothing. and the devs know more what the fans want but when pitched activision doesnt want to know. instead they wish keep liscense under wraps money talks everybody... Just need sony to hear us louder Come on buy the bloody IP.

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ironfist923565d ago

Activision is literally holding my childhood gaming heroes hostages.

I dont know why the hell they dont A) make a new game or B) sell the rights.

Activision continues to piss me off.