Nega-review: Metal Gear Solid 4

Wilkommen, bienvenue, and welcome back to the Joystiq Nega-review. As usual, we've taken the negative bits from a bunch of generally positive reviews for a game and put them together into a ridiculously skewed and damaging whole. The point is not to destroy a game that people seem to enjoy, but to point out the valid bad points that can get lost in the waves and waves of praise.

Compared to other highly anticipated games, the reviews of Metal Gear Solid 4 spanned a relatively wide range of opinions. The tone of each review depended largely on the reviewer's ability to tolerate sometimes strained plots delivered through hours and hours of expository cut scenes. Some die-hard fans of the series who wrote reviews seemed willing to overlook problems that more casual fans felt were potentially ruinous. Still, even the most negative reviews found a lot to like about the game's revitalized, open world gameplay.

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Drekken3934d ago

I understand what Jostiq is trying to do with Negareviews, but those people at that site hate Sony. I read like 5-10 comments and I will never go back there.

morganfell3934d ago

They have always had issues with Sony. Yes they have done nega-reviews on products before but notice which ones they don't touch. Joystiq are the lowest form of life. They are neck and neck with Kotaku for attacking Sony.

Jamie Foxx3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

eurogamer and the others have somehing against sony 'disagree' me all you want but unless you play this game for even 20min you cant comment.

this game redefines next-gen and is in my top3 of greatest games of all time. i would even go as far as saying its the greatest exclusive game of all time in MY opinion i am just spellbound by this game and i had my doubts as i am not the greatest metal gear fan,i loved mgs1 hated mgs2 so i never played mgs3,this i believe was kojimas original vision this is what he wanted to create all those years ago and its taken bluray and the cell to accomplish his vision,truly great game

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hfaze3934d ago

With all of these negative comments flying around about all of the cutscenes, you'd almost think that the game sucked...

If you've never played MGS before, or are not into the whole MGS story line, then you will probably find the cutscenes excessive.

If you enjoyed the MGS series, then you will thoroughly enjoy the story line of MGS4, of which the cutscenes play a big part.

One thing that I haven't seen many reviews even make mention of is Metal Gear Online. The online play is ADDICTIVE, and adds elements that you will not see in other online games.

Bottom line, if you're an MGS series fan, GET IT, NOW... If you're not into the MGS series, then you may not like MGS4. Simple.

Metal Gear Solid3934d ago

Video Kojima would be laughed out a script meeting for Days of our Lives with this poorly written trash.

-Maverick-3934d ago

Xbox 360 IS DOOMED. Move along. MGS4 is better than anything on the 360 and nothing will change that and its the cold hard truth.

jkhan3934d ago

In an age where there is hardly any story in video games & MGS4 was bashed for having too much story cool.

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