Shane Kim: 360 Predicitions for 2008

Microsoft's Shane Kim has suggested that the 360's gaming line-up for 2008 could surpass last year's success. Kim stated this year's line up is "just as strong, if not stronger" than last year's

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Drekken3871d ago

He is a funny looking guy!

Jamie Foxx3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

even 360 owners must be able to see through this tripe,come on bioshock,gears of war and halo 3, sales wise yeh right banjo kazooie and and the rest are really going to that.noones saying there wont be great games but atleast be realistic sheesh

whatever people think about halo 3 that was a big big big game for microsoft,shane needs to wake up and smell the coffee before its too late

-Maverick-3871d ago

There is no being delusional to it. Whats going to happen will happen and everyone already knows what happening and whats going to happen. Like it or not.

BTW I'm fighting the first boss on MGS4 and this game is INSANE. The stor is just phenomenal.

badz1493871d ago

funny looking and sounds funnier everytime he starts talking! me too I taught that somebody else is going to take his place with PR when he was promoted and yet he's still the one spreading all the bull****!! can he or anybody in M$ be HONEST for just one F*****g time? eventhough 2007 was not the year of 360, it was a HUGE one for them and yet they were outsold by both PS3 and not to mention Wii even when they had exclusives like bioshock, Gears, Halo3, and Mass Effect and others like Madden, CoD4, AC and ToB! I'm not talking about PS3 but what do they have this year that are going to beat or even doing as well as their 2007's?

GTAIV was out but from NPD, we knew that it didn't move that many console for both company as many have expected!
NG2? - never meant to be a system seller! not as good as expected either!
too human? - too long in development and people are already too busy with other games to really care about it!
Fable2? - another NOT a system seller!
Gears2? - the only safe bet, but gears1 didn't moved that many console, so, we have to wait!
banjo3 and Viva2? - really??
L4D? - another half-life with zombies, but if people are willing to buy them because it's valve's, maybe...

and with AlanWake, Halo wars and SC:conviction all delayed to next year, 2008 is never meant to be 360's from the start and no doubt about it! yeah, there will be multiplat games but is not going to help much! so, for shane and aaron - STFU already!! you better work harder to supply more good exclusives onstead of spreading BS like this!!

witchking3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

The lineup for 2008 may not be stronger, but it certainly is more varied. 2007 had some stellar titles (GH3, Rock Band, Halo 3, Bioshock, COD 4, Mass Effect among them).

But '08 isn't anything to sneeze at... There doesn't appear to be that great FPS like there was with H3 and COD4, but Gears 2 and Fable 2 should anchor a decent lineup that includes more family friendly titles such as Banjo and the next installment of Viva Pinata, while 3rd parties should prove successful with the next Guitar Hero and Tomb Raider leading the pack.

Does it look like one or two titles will rule the roost, as they did in 2007? Maybe Gears... but other than that, I think the strength of the variation and the wider array of the titles will prove a strong holiday showing.

Of course, I also think that if MSFT wants to drive home this selection during the holidays, they ought to really cut deep into the pricing (say $199 for a Core, $249 for a Premium and $299 for an Elite). That would put some SERIOUS pressure on PS3.

Titles + big price differential (especially in this economic situation) = hold off PS3 for one more year. :-)

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Shadow Flare3871d ago

I don't think so. From a non-biased stance, last year didn't 360 have Bioshock, Halo 3 and i think it had Mass Effect too. I know this year has Gears of War but the other games...oh wait sorry, i meant Gears of War 2, i can't tell the difference cos the graphics are the same. But other then that the other games aren't really on the same level as GOW2. I just hope not too much hype is set on those games to makez them teh EPIC cos otherwise they'll fall by the weyside like Haze. I think that was fairly non-biased lol

morganfell3871d ago

Yes they had those games and were still outsold worldwide by the Wii and the PS3. If they had those games and couldn't win then only an idiot or a mouthpiece like Kim would think they are going to win this year.

wolfehound223871d ago

Ya not so sure with Halo Bioshock and mass effect coming out last year. I'm not so sure about this it has a decent lineup with gears 2 but nothing compared to last year

deeznuts3871d ago

That was funny. And yes I am asian so I can say that!

kosha3871d ago

What is it with this guy predictions they always make front page news and i dont even know who he is

Teh-Venom3871d ago

he's a PR working for microsoft, also he's a douche.

ScentlessApprentice73871d ago

When I saw his face before reading the headline I thought he was going to try to make another attempted at consolidating the xbox 360's momentum by having a headline saying:

Shane Kim: MGS4 is not a system seller.

Shane Kim: MGS4 was overhyped and it underdelivered

Shane Kim: MGS4 is not a real franchise.

Shane Kim: Me and the other MS guy (the fat bald one) just won't shut up and we only run our mouths when we know PS3 is starting to win.

legendkilla3871d ago

aaron "hambuger eating" greenburg

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