60GB Xbox 360, $30 price cut at E3?

With E3 fast approaching, predictions are in on what to expect from Microsoft this year.

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Fishy Fingers3777d ago

Think it's a bit of a long shot, some of if makes sense, the "newton" controller etc, if they really have been working on one (I believe so) E3 would be the time to show it.

One thing that caught my eye and I don't like the sound of was Alan Wake... But it's all guess work so got my fingers crossed he's wrong on that one (I think he is).

ry-guy3777d ago

Only a $30 price cut!?

Come on Microsoft. Get your act together if you wanna hang around for 2009.


Domenikos3777d ago

What did u expected? They already cut the price.

70 or 100 cut?

ry-guy3777d ago

We could start the talking about $50.

I think around $50 is when you really start to catch the eyes of people on the fence. Then they kind of go 'oh wow, that is a nice price cut'.

$30 just seems a little more insignificent for the larger price tag.

Drekken3777d ago

They should just do $50.00 or wait till they can.

TOSgamer3777d ago

But the US has only seen a $50 price drop since the dang system launched in Nov. 2k5...

uie4rhig3777d ago

lol if this is real, then wait till January 2009.. and the xbox 360 will probably have had so many price cuts, it will cost only $20 :P lmao.. now that's selling systems xD

ArduousAndy3777d ago

the arcade will be at 249.99 to compete with the WII
the Pro will be at 319.99 which is 80 bucks cheaper then the ps3
and the Elite will be at 419.99 which is 20 bucks more plus a hard drive that is 80gb larger then the ps3

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name3777d ago

When the price cut is less than 50 dollars you know it's just being done for publicity. So people can ask themselves whether or not now is the time to buy a 360.

Fototherapist3777d ago

They just want to whet peoples appetite while trying to make as much money as possible. $50 might be giving away a little too much for MS.

BubblesDAVERAGE3777d ago

thats not enough....but anything is better than nothing..not the drop i want ....but i will get it when it has the next price drop because i think it will be worth it then

Jack The Lad3777d ago

60GB Xbox 360, $30 at E3. i still would not buy it LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.