Gamedaily reviews Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Grant Holzhauer reports:
''Following a similar tract as Unreal Tournament III, you'll spend the bulk of your play time in multiplayer matches, but there is also a single player campaign. Unfortunately, just like UTIII, this campaign amounts to little more than trouncing through the multiplayer maps with bots instead of live players. This is functionally useful, in that you'll get used to the controls and variety of weapons and classes, but after you play through it, there is little for you to consume in the multiplayer arena, except that you'll be able to ditch the artificial intelligence.

Sadly, those multiplayer matches were toned down during their transition to the 360. While PC gamers enjoyed 32-player skirmishes, that number was reduced to 16, and given the large-scale maps that you'll battle your way across, that decrease is very noticeable.

Granted, if you absolutely love multiplayer first person shooters, there's still a lot to like. There are 12 expansive maps covering the bulk of the globe (North America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific), so there's a decent amount of scenery to take in. Unfortunately, none of it looks spectacular; the graphics took a major hit in the transition to our living rooms, with blurry textures, an overall lack of polish and choppy character animations. Games like this are built to focus more on speed than aesthetics, but for the most part this is not an attractive game, which is inexcusable given the amount of time spent working on the port.''

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