Are female characters really penalized in Age of Conan?

There's an unpleasant rumor gathering strength in the Age of Conan community. It seems to have begun with YouGamers eight-page review, which (despite delivering a relatively healthy overall score of 76) is uncompromising in its criticism of those parts of the game that, in the reviewer's opinion, fall very short of what was advertised.

The bombshell comes on page 7, where the reviewer states outright that '... Age of Conan's weapon swing time depends on the duration of the visual swing animation, and female characters swing their weapons about 25% slower than males - so every female melee character does 25% less damage over time!'

Immediately, players demand to know whether this is true or not. Some report that it is; others report that they're not seeing anything at all different between their characters, and maybe it's down to class as much as gender. Although there's a lot of noise and not a lot of signal, the general consensus from the forums appears to be that female characters are indeed attacking more slowly, resulting in overall lower DPS.

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BrotherNick3804d ago

Although it may be true for males to be naturally stronger based on genetics, it's not fair and I can understand why people are angry.

Twizlex3804d ago

Maybe that's why Funcom nerfed the boob size -- they were getting in the way when the ladies attacked.

LJWooly3804d ago

I know it sounds stupid, but... their boobs and natural strength and size would play a part in this. Of course, it's unbalanced, so I can see why they're pissed off.

Tyrael3804d ago

Penalization of strength and dexterity for women's melee? Sounds like a true to life RPG to me.

Atomic3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

political correctness strikes again.
female characters are 2 to 3 times smaller than men characters , so it's logical that they would inflict less damage.
i know it's all fantasy , but i'm sure they have some kind of strength over men.

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The story is too old to be commented.