Wii developer raids the DS

Nibris who are developing Wii game Sadness, have announced a new 'vertical' shooter for the DS called Raid Over The River.

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Cubed³ Preview: Raid Over the River

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Polish developer Nibris would actually release anything, but following the hands-on with Double Bloob for DS, Cubed³ has now had playtime with the latest version of vertical shooter ROTR, arguably the more anticipated of the two portable projects revealed so far. But with German outfit Shin'en readying Nanostray 2 for release, a game in a similar vein, how well does this game hold up and should it warrant you waiting until early next year for your space-shooting fix?

YoungKingDoran6121d ago

come on nibris show us something about sadness!! i got high hopes for that game!


Nibris Talks Nintendo

Nibris is one of those companies that just seem to get more and more attention even though it has yet to release any games. But why is this? Well, because of the concepts on offer for its DS and Wii projects. Cubed³ caught up with the Polish team to see what it is up to right now.

MyNutsYourChin6128d ago

I'm so intrigued about Sadness...almost like a feeling of paranoid anxiety.

jigaman6128d ago

I have been following this game since it's announcement and it looks like Nibris is taking it very serious. This is great news. I had high hopes for the game before, but to learn that they are taking this much time to develop it is just fantastic news. Great games take time. If anyone gripes and moans about waiting for a game then it's clear that they don't want a quality game.

Rooftrellen6127d ago

It's good to hear updates from these guys, because, while Double Bloob doesn't look like my kind of game, ROTR is looking great, and no self-respecting gamer isn't excited about Sadness (don't let double negatives confuse you!)

Sadness got pushed back a lot more than I was hoping, but a delayed game will eventually be a good game, but bad games are bad forever. I'll sooner take a nice and ready Sadness than a rushed, unfinished version. Knowing the vision of Sadness only works on the Wii just increases my hopes even more. It sounds like they are very interested in using the motion controls to their fullest, which is probably the reason for such a big delay. A little movement can make all the difference when the goal is to make the player feel as if he's actually a part of the events.

I honestly think that if they really do put a lot of effort into Sadness, and it seems they are, they could be Nintendo's right hand man when it comes to changing the industry, and, let's face it, there could be a lot of money in getting in the ground floor of this, since the change does appear to be slowly taking hold, though few developers (or gamers) seem to understand it, yet. Nibris seems to understand its not about the casual gamer, but making games that anyone can enjoy.

ROTR should have a pretty good plot, but it can be played totally for score, too. It's for hardcore or casual gamers. Sadness, from what we know so far, looks more like an interactive movie than a game. That is certainly something that could expand gaming to more people.

I think we all have high expectations for Nibris, and the more I hear, the more it seems like they will live up to expectations. Initial release dates show they're ambitious, but willingness to delay shows they're more worried about the final product than making a quick buck.

jigaman6127d ago

Your post is one of the most well, written, thought out, intelligent, mature, objective, comments I've encountered so far on this site. It's really nice to see people like you taking the time to make a true comment that isn't glowing with arrogance, ignorance, and immaturity. Kudos to you my friend I look forward to future posts!