Eurogamer reviews Overlord:Raising Hell

Kristan Reed reports:

''Apart from the fact there wasn't nearly enough pure evil in the game, Overlord was one of last year's more enticing prospects. Sweeping an army of cackling minions around a series of fiendish fantasy locales was like Katamari genre-fusion, rolling over Pikmin, and bobbling around with bits of Fable and Dungeon Keeper poking out at jaunty angles. It almost grins itself to death. And now on PS3.

The idea is to become an all-conquering Overlord, but Triumph Studios dodges tedious fantasy pomposity, mocking itself at every opportunity. You play the faceless, voiceless, iron-masked brute, the Dark Lord - all flailing, clanking un-sophistication - and you're either too lazy or too cowardly to take on the so-called heroes of the land, the do-gooders who killed your predecessor and wrecked the Dark Tower, which becomes your home and the game's central hub.''

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Rama262853782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

What a joke! lol lol Eurogamer give MGS4 and this game the same score!! lol lol ( )

Sorry Eurogamer, but you've got something wrong here....