Worthplaying reviews Assault Heroes 2

Geoff Gibson writes:

''Xbox Live Arcade is a very unique system that provides users with content and games that are small in portion and price. While it may seem to be a bit oversaturated in top-down shooters, that doesn't mean there isn't room for more, so long as they're fun to play. Assault Heroes 2 is fun and proves that, while most XBLA games are shallow, a sequel to a game already on XBLA (Assault Heroes) can still be a critical success. Not only does Assault Heroes 2 bring more of the same "cowboy" type of fun that the original had, but it brings in more of it - and faster.

Assault Heroes 2 brings one mantra to the table: addictive gameplay. This is no more noticeable than when you first start the game only to see a complete lack of story development as you're thrown headfirst into an oncoming army of baddies. Anybody looking for deep gameplay marred by story-changing elements and surprise twists should hit the door right now because Assault Heroes 2 will not provide any of that. However, for those of you who just want to hop on for a few minutes and blow up some stuff, welcome home! Assault Heroes 2 was designed with you in mind, and the system works surprisingly well.''

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